Would You Rather: Jump Rope Vs Jogging




Would You Rather: Jump Rope Vs Jogging


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50 thoughts on “Would You Rather: Jump Rope Vs Jogging

  1. I love both and do both. Running if I have the time to go out and hit the trails. Jump rope if I am press for time. With jump rope I don't have to go anywhere

  2. I have always jumped rope on and off, specially while traveling, starting to do on a daly basis, in be following you 🍻

  3. What about stamina development? If jump rope is better, than Floyd Mayweather Jr. won’t be running hard so much right?

  4. Both are effective regardless. It just depends for me on what you're good at or what you do better. I do both. I find running more effective in my case since I run 10-15km 5 days a week. I jump rope before lunch or mid-afternoon. I eat healthy most of the time so my body's ignoring almost all the body pain. Except for those major injuries of course such as a twisted ankle. That shit hurts.

  5. This is not jumping vs jogging. But more " why jumping is better than jogging". I like your content usually but this was really biased

  6. I feel more pain when I do jogging in my shin bone that's I don't know why if anyone can tell me please why this happens

  7. ⚠️ YOU don't have to choose! Do BOTH and have great time.

    I am serious runner and I just started to rope jump a month ago and I LOVE both activities.


  8. If jumping rope really burns that many more calories I’ll stick with jogging. I’m trying to work on my conditioning, not losing weight.

  9. This video is fake , this dude never wears t-shirt

  10. No way on earth that jump rope burns more than twice the calories of jogging.

  11. This might be slightly biased / mix n match skipping is a great way for low impact ,and once you get a bit of consistency it’s good fun

  12. if youre getting sore, you're overdoing it. one should never be sore from a workout

  13. Right now I've taken up jogging because I don't have access to any Cross rope products, but as soon as I get those I'm adding jumping rope to my routine more for the sake of burning the extra bit of calories. However, 1 week in and who would've known I would grow to love running so much, it helps me sleep better which is huge because that is really something that has hindered my overall productivity.

  14. I been jogging a lot and I lost a lot of weight.I was at 300lbs,And now I’m at 251.

  15. ive been doing jump rope for 8 days now for 30 mins straight everyday
    and now i can do some little cris cross tricks now
    its really fun

  16. Here's an idea do both if you can't decide I love running/ jogging and I'm barely starting to get in to jump rope and I don't plan on doing any less running and form is everything you can get a lot of the same injuries weather you're jumping rope or jogging with good form you will greatly reduce the possibility of getting injured no matter what you do there are benefits to both not all mentioned here

  17. I m addicted to jump rope…. I have reduced 15kg by doing J rope…. You made me guys thankyou jrd…. Frm India

  18. I like to jump rope after jogging; preferably 30 min jogging and 30 min jump rope

  19. I do both. I used to pedal bicycle, but am getting to go bicycling less and less. My main purpose for jogging and rope skipping is to maintain my stamina ( endurance?) for muaythai. Jumping rope has the benefit of agility and rhythm, which is necessary for striking sports. Is is also schedule dependable. When it rains, I'd fall back on rope jumping in my house. BTW I never jump rope without my shoes and skipping mat, so injury is hardly my concern.

  20. This seems less like an unbiased comparison and more like "My exercise of choice is best."

  21. Now I think Jump Rope is so underrated, I think it's the secret that a few know

  22. My problem when jump ropping ( I am a beginner) is that I hit my foot hard with the rope.
    Any advice?

  23. Jumping rope for 2 weeks allows me to think deep thoughts will jumping without even worrying to step on the ropes. It's a relaxing exercise.

  24. But if you incorporate hills and inclines in your running you can burn more fat, and it does build strength and increased cardio.
    Skipping is good too. Both activities are hard on your joints. I find skipping harder on my joints (aged 53) to be fair although I just skip intervals as I am resting from hitting the heavy bag. Main goal. Its good for keeping you honest in the gymn and most likely you will be the only person doing it in the gymn.

  25. Your calorie numbers for jogging are WAY off. 350 calories per hour would be a lightweight jogging REAL slow.

  26. Now, I'm sure they already have a video about this, but, I noticed something very important today in this video. They're wearing shoes while skipping! Eureka! Bam! I just tried it, and I'm never going to trip over the rope again. Just not being scared of doing that improved my speed instantaneously. That's what's up. Next level.

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