7 thoughts on “Wls mental health game & weight gain

  1. HI! I just found your videos recently when I started looking for people who had done a revision. Long story short, I will be having a revision in a few months, and I'd love to chat with you. Feel free to tell me how to contact you, or you are welcome to email me at: [email protected]. Hope to hear from you soon!

  2. It's been way tooooo long!! Good to see you back!!! I'm the same way with all the noise & rather stay in & hang out with everyone myself. Will we see you in Portland? Glad therapy is helping!!

  3. Lookin' good girl! I am going March 8th for my vsg to rny revision! Ahhhhhhhhh! Why do I feel so freaked out? lol Is this normal?

  4. Well at least you're getting some answers here and can deal with it and treat yourself. Hopefully you will feel better knowing and you can learn how to deal with it head in!!! Regain happens but you can be successful getting it back off!! 😘😉😉💗💗

  5. First, that bow is cute! I have tons of anxiety and it came after weight loss. It's makes me wonder if not being able to fully use food to relax have something to do with it. I'm glad your figuring out stuff about yourself and behavior. Great advice about getting some kind of counseling. It really helps!

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