What You Should Know Before Taking Kratom

Should this supplement be regulated? Or taken off the market? The Doctors discuss what you should know before taking Kratom.

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40 thoughts on “What You Should Know Before Taking Kratom

  1. Abusers abuse anything. Don't f it up for everybody mannn

  2. Kratom definitely keeps me away from percocets and I'm honestly happy don't feel the want or need to go back at all I was addicted since 2018 been off for 2 months I know I'm fresh still but I don't plan on going back at all

  3. These clowns are closed minded. After the Opioid epidemic and how the entire world has been scammed by Pharma, how can they possibly think we're not going to find healthier opportunities to heal ourselves? 15 people died of kratom, yet 40,000 die from opioids every year. GTFO with this number game.

  4. They are missing the point . They don't have a say in what grown folks put in their body .

  5. doctors wanna give oxy and morphine, kratom cuts profits and they don't like that

  6. Kratom works to relieve anxiety when used for opioid withdrawal symptoms. I know firsthand. I'm on day 13 of quitting a 20 year methadone addiction. I have had a legal Doctors prescription the whole time. My point is buy your Kratom from a vendor who certifies it is 100 percent pure, no additives. Green Maeng Da is what I recommend. Powder, not capsules. Put 1 level teaspoon of Kratom powder in a small glass.
    Add water and stir till clumps are gone. Drink quickly and chase with tea or milk. Repeat the process..

  7. Bull the fda dont like kratom because its a plant tht helps addiction depression n anxiety. F u fda

  8. I was an alcoholic for almost 20 years! I got sober with Kratom!! Clean 3 years.. I tried everything else..

  9. OH, you mean they should send their data to the SAME FEDERAL AGENCIES that approved RITALIN, ADDERAL, FENTANYL, OXYCONTIN… THOSE same fucking agencies you stupid fucks?

  10. This is sold at every single Middle East owned party store in Michigan….. I wonder who is bringing it in? Probably terrorism…….just said what everyone’s thinking

  11. So they can't say anything positive about something from the earth natural but it's okay to shove an Adderall down a child's throat and wait what about this vaccine it's not fda approved but everyone is ok with that

  12. KRATOM WORKS!! It’s like anything… It may work better for some and not as effective for others. I used Kratom successfully to wean off of opioids following multiple injuries and surgeries. It was EXTREMELY effective! It offers pain relief, anxiety relief, and it shields against withdrawals from opioids. People get so hung up in LAW That they can’t even appreciate supplements benefits. You look at the opioid epidemic in this country… I would rather have people taking a natural product like Kratom and still be productive citizens rather than eliminating a persons prescribed opioids after contributing to their addiction and then turning to heroin.

  13. I taken it for few years and as well my gf and no problems beside taking to much of it at one time can make you 😓🤢🤮 body feel like it's vibrating for a moment and dunno if it just me but when you take it and you put other toxins in your body such as cigarettes I would get sick lighten up a second cigarette or to much caffeine while the kartom in my system but everything else been good on my end.. personal experience it has energy level up after taking it .and I take it as well as pain… If I'm correct I think I heard somebody say something about 15 people dying from it I can probably see that if it's being misused

  14. I tried kratom for opiate withdraw, it will keep you from shutting every 5 mins and it will help with nausea, but muscle pain and the rest of the symptoms remain

  15. I was taking norco 10mg , and I’m taking kradom 4 g per day , and I feel better then when I was on the hard shit .

  16. You guys really hid kratom among the horrible list of drugs up for debate. It DOES NOT fit in that list. Nice sneaky move. Also, you could not get this through with Kratom in the US so you've created a loophole with the WHO. I hope they find it useless, I hope they don't lump the other 6 with it.

  17. I am a 15 year user with spotless blood work taken every 3 months. This has rescued me from a 180 tablet a week of tramadol. It has done wonders for my bipolar disorder in every way. It has helped my IBS to calm anxiety which exacburtes it. Come on don't pull shit shit on the miracles it's given us. I'd much rather use Kratom then walk into a liquor store, I don't see killings on Kratom, liquor's another story. I can't believe that's legal. People take other terrible substances along with their kratom. Do not blame it on that. I hate that this is going on. True poisons are legal. Unreal and shame on all of you to try to take this away from us. War veterans, yea stop helping them. Wait till you see the explosion of deadly opiates , the explosion of alcohol, k2, methamphetamine. REALLY????????????

  18. Don't blame the drugs, blame ignorance. Drugs are safe in moderation, just like everything else

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  20. Yes! Remember, doctors also used to tell their patients that cigarettes are healthy and they'll prescribe pain pills left and right to anyone who has a minor headache.

  21. From a 66 year old guy who's been using Kratom for the better part of yen years and would argue he's in better shape than the fellow in the blue doctor costume – "ridiculous". Come and give me a checkup doc – if you have the balls.

  22. So he's saying that kratom should be made illegal and it needs more studies. Because, you know, the best thing to help progress a study is to make the product against the law to use. 🙄

  23. yeah like how they regulate cigarette and alcohol so does painkillers everyone who used those item are all but attraction and can get off for shit…

  24. Total BS! The doctors where I live aren’t allowed to treat anyone with chronic pain! I don’t want their drugs Kratom works better and no side effects! And I know many people that used it to get off the stupid drugs! Don’t bother watching this it’s like all the promises that DC makes for us and never come through. They fail to say anything about the 15 people that “died” from Kratom had other drugs in their system that actually killed the very few people

  25. What "laughable" is the FDA pretending to give an honest f***, whilst receiving untold sums from BigPharma to make Kratom illegal, because it destroys their profits. Meaning, Kratom is more successful at helping opiate addicts that Suboxone and other "legally prescribed" medications, that are more addictive than heroin.

  26. I've been using kratom for a little over a year now, it has helped me out of a 11 year iv using meth

  27. It works for pain!!!!! Not addictive!!!!! Energy is also great helps also with my mood! PERIOD!

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