What I Ate Today On A Vegan Diet (unintentional weight loss and period woes)

*Disclaimer* I’m not a dietitian. For vegan nutrition info, check out veganhealth.org and theveganrd.com

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42 thoughts on “What I Ate Today On A Vegan Diet (unintentional weight loss and period woes)

  1. If it was 4 pounds it was just water weight your weight was just fluctuating I feel like you should know that

  2. Oat milk is actually super easy to make and it comes out just as good, if not better imo, than shop bought. works out a lot cheaper than what youd be paying for oatly in the US and its less packaging

  3. Dude, Trinessa fucked me uuuup when I was on it. I got terrible mood swings to the point where I legitimately threw a toddler style tantrum in a supermarket because I couldn't get ice cream. I threw it on the ground and cried and screamed and all.
    It was so embarrassing. 🤷‍♀️

  4. When you just started to be vegan but have been loving Oatly for YEARS now… man… people do not appreciate the hilarity of the packaging or how amazing Oatly is. (Their drinks and their ice creams and PHENOMENAL)

  5. Your pineapple story
    I got a personal watermelon the other day and holy crap, it was the most disgusting thing. It was so juicy and the texture was amazing but if you told me it had been marinated in pine sol I would have believed you.
    I was very unhappy.

  6. Omg I am so glad someone else think the Oatly packaging is obnoxiously try-hard embarrassing 😂! My mum is actually considering converting from cows milk to it though so at least the product is doing some good!

  7. you're one of the few plant-based youtubers that doesn't look sickly.

  8. I loooove pineapple but I can barely eat it because i immediately burns my tongue raw 🙁

  9. I have been watching you nonstop for 5 days and I thought you named your kids toddler and tiny baby 😂 also I LOVE Swedish fish

  10. damn wow sounds like a lot for oatly. I buy it for 2.05 euro . 1 euro is 1,10 usd

  11. i alwaaaays, without fail, crave pulpy cold-pressed orange juice when i'm on my period, its really weird

  12. This is just anecdotal (obviously) but I gain and lose up to ten pounds, mainly water weight, during the two weeks surrounding my period every month. I'm dealing with some hormone imbalances and it sounds like you might be too, if your current birth control isn't right for your body. It's a strange thing, losing and gaining weight every month, regardless of diet or exercise. It can make me feel very out of control of myself, as well as knocking the old self esteem. I hope you find the right solution for you!

  13. Omg I love that you say partner and toddler! 👏👏👏👏

  14. 3 spring rolls is 'ridiculous'? Yeah I guess if you're 3 years old.

  15. Omg I am also going through mysterious unintentional weight loss! Spooky distance weight fluctuations!

  16. I love Oatly too. At my last job I used to buy that to the office (and bill the company for that) and even the most devoted meat eaters prefered it over cows milk.

    As you might guess, the price here in my country is much more reasonable than in USA. I live in Finland, and the cheapest I can easily find a carton of Oatly barista edition is 2,60 USD. The regular oat milk from Oatly is usually around 2 USD per carton, so it really is a real option to buy to common use at the office. (Let's not talk about the prices of any other vegan products in Finland…)

  17. Why don't you just say "my partner" instead of partner. If you don't want to say his name. It's weird.

  18. I love your what I eat, videos, they're just so natural and easy to watch, helps me relax really 🤗

  19. Swedish fish is not garbage! Maybe to you, but many people like them. I love the strong red flavor of it that sour patch doesn't have. Also eating a lot of sour patch can make my tongue feel kinda sore from the sourness

  20. i love you commenting on how you are losing weight and not viewing it as immediately positive. i am legitimately fat(not saying this as a negative term, just a descriptor) and still know that weight loss isn't inherently good even for me especially considering past eating disorders. weight loss is a more complicated thing, and can be negative in plenty of scenarios even for people that could be healthier if they lose weight (although weight doesn't inform health at a rate even close to how people generally view it) and can actually be a sign of health issues, not to insinuate thats the underlying cause. Love how your perspective generally disregards diet culture even if thats not your direct intent.

  21. I feel you on the weight loss. I've been losing weight for nearly 2 years now and I'm not trying. It's definitely a control thing for me too, I think it's possibly partly that I'm not eating enough calories now I'm vegan so I'm trying to eat more but I'm not hungry so urgh.
    Ha! I'm having hormone issues too, about to try a new pill but incredible terrified about it because I had such a bad experience on the last one.
    I loved to hate step aerobics at school! Well done for getting strong & fit.

  22. i thought losing/gaining about 4-5 pounds for women was relatively normal? i was taught that our weight fluctuates like that because of the menstrual cycle? PLEASE correct me if i’m wrong, snatch my wig if needed.

  23. I had the same issues with fresh pineapple so I decided to start buying frozen pineapple, and I only have good luck with fresh pineapples in the summer and sometimes in the spring. I think with frozen pineapple you get more for your money too because it lasts much longer and is easier to work with.

  24. Look. People don’t need to hear about unintentional weight loss. You have people with eating disorders that watch your videos and you have others that struggle with their weight. Please don’t talk about that.

  25. Breakfast: Wheetos with fortified soy milk, blueberry and kale smoothie, protein shake Lunch: Tomato chilli leak pasta (I use white cause its way nicer) with roast brussel sprouts (so good) and English cabbage with some baked soy tofu as a snack. Snack: Sounds weird but beetroot (I love slow roasted beetroot and they in season so very cheap), and some almonds, apple (always green) and peanut butter, milk chocolate bar Dinner: Rich Lenitl, bean and mushroom cottage pie with vegan cheese and squash, carrots and slow roasted red onions. I eat quite a lot cause I do quite a lot exercise and work on my feet, I've been making an effort to eat seasonal food because its cheaper and better for the environment, its January so quite limited but everything apart from blueberries (which are frozen) is seasonal. And also I make tasty stuff with tonnes of salt and oil and carbs and garlic and tonnes of veggies

  26. I get the unintentional weight loss making you uncomfortable thing, especially in the context of a person who has had or is recovering from an eating disorder in the past. I accidentally lost 3/4 of a stone this week just because work was busier and I had a cold so wasn’t as hungry as normal. It’s a weird lack of control anxiety reaction for me because it’s in the direction the food crazy likes but it doesn’t help me feel in control, I’d rather it not happen. If anyone has any tips with dealing with the feelings of ed brain feeling happy and actual brain feeling uncomfortable I’d love to know then

  27. I love pineapple but I've gotten more sensitive and I get the raw mouth like, immediately upon eating so I can't do fresh pineapple anymore 🙁

  28. when I was loosing weight and didn't know why I started totalling my WEEKLY caloric intake and OMG was I under eating. I was only averaging 1,000 calories a day. I would have never realized becauase I was only tracking a day when I'd over eat. So check your weekly intake.

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