Weight Loss Conference LIVE from Las Vegas | Interview with Dr. Goldhamer and Dr. Lisle

Every year at the LIVE Ultimate Weight Loss Conference Dr. Lisle and Dr. Goldhamer do an entertaining joint Q & A.

This year we had their permission to live stream it.

We hope you will enjoy this presentation.

For more information on Dr. Goldhamer please visit www.HealthPromoting.com.

For Dr. Lisle please go to www.EsteemDynamics.com.

They will be appearing together again at the next LIVE Ultimate Weight Loss Conference in Las Vegas at the Tuscany Hotel on Labor Day weekend 2019.

23 thoughts on “Weight Loss Conference LIVE from Las Vegas | Interview with Dr. Goldhamer and Dr. Lisle

  1. About Coffee. Iam69 years old and have drank coffee since I was 16 years old and from 1976 to 3/2014 I have worked 2 fulltime jobs plus a lot of overtime and drank coffee while working the 2 jobs and I brought my own coffee maker and my own cans of coffee at each job. Since I retired in 7-03-2019 I still drink coffee and take about 2 cups with me but do not always drink it at the gym and I walk on the treadmill at 10% incline and 2.2 speed for 3 to 4 hours each day at least 6 to 7 days a week. I do not plan to give up coffee.

  2. Loved this!! Dr. Lisle and Dr. Gold hammer seem to have such opposite personalities… And their humor plays so well off of each other.

  3. I can’t see the slide presentation, which I would have enjoyed and probably joined in the laughs.😉💜

  4. Coffee is a heavily pesticide laden crop. If you or anyone you know drinks coffee, only choose organic. Very important if you want to prevent potential long term damage to the brain and other organs.

  5. What about blue zone centurions that drnk small amounts of coffee and alcohol?

  6. Thank you SO much for sharing this, chefAJ, I know you care about us poor folks! 😍(Am I imagining it, or do they have the same pants + shoes??!!!!!)

  7. The UWL Health Conference was superb. It was beautifully organized and run – and what a speaker lineup! It was obvious that a ton of work went into the planning. A big time "thank you" shout out goes to AJ and Charles for making this weekend possible. Personally, It was a great way to spend my birthday. You are always so generous with the information you share, and this video is more proof of that. I watched it twice already! To those of you who have never attended a "Chef AJ Live" event (UWL conference, cooking class, a speaker event, etc.), you are missing out. The knowledge that you will gain and the enthusiasm that you will reap cannot be underestimated. Plus, you'll get a free comedy show, since AJ is one of the funniest people around. I call her the "Lucille Ball" of our time. 🙂

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