WEEK OF WORKOUTS for a Fit Hourglass Physique EP. 3 | weights, functional training, hiking, warm ups

Welcome to another week of workouts people! This video includes pretty much EVERYTHING – from all 5 of my workouts for the week, my mobility work, warms up, daily steps, active rest, form tips & cues, and more! I hope you enjoy and thank you for taking the time to check it out 🙂 sending love as always.
0:00 Welcome & My Training 411
2:58 Monday | HAMS + GLUTES
-1 & 1/2 Stiff Leg Deadlift 4×10
-Hip Thrust 3×10, 1×15
-Pull Throughs 3×12
-SL Good Morning 2×12
-Glute Med Kickback 3×12
13:34 Tuesday | UPPER PUSH
– DB Chest Press 4×15 superset with…
-Seated Front Raises 4×20
-Rear Delt Fly 3×15 superset with…
-Upright Row 3×20
-Suspended Tricep Extension 4×15
-Chameleons 3×10
19:44 Wednesday | UPPER PULL
– Barbell Tbar Row 4×15
– Chin Ups 1×11
– Pull Ups 1×6, 1×5
-Single Arm Rear Delt Row w Landmine 3×10
– Bicep Curl Variation 2×20
– Back Extension 3×20 superset with…
-Leg Raises 3×20
27:23 Thursday | QUAD + GLUTE
– Back squats 1x10x135lbs, 2x8x155lbs, 1x10x135lbs
– Deficit Reverse Lunges 3×10
-2 second Pause Rep Hip Thrusts 3×15
-Sumo Squat Pulses 3×15
-Lateral Kicks 3×12 each
-Burnout: Glute Bridge 2xAMRAP (30)
36:00 Friday | FULL BODY
4 rounds.
-15 Thrusters
-35s Rotating Toe Taps
-35s Kettlebell Swings
-12-15 Pike Push-Ups
– 20 BOSU Ball Squats
– 20 Marching Crunches
– 1 Track Lap
42:16 Saturday | Active Rest | Hiking

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38 thoughts on “WEEK OF WORKOUTS for a Fit Hourglass Physique EP. 3 | weights, functional training, hiking, warm ups

  1. i normally don’t write comments but i’m literally 3 minutes in and your energy / vibe is amazing 🖤

  2. This is my first video of yours, and hearing the speech at the end, i can say that it felt so real, and that was calming and encouraging. There’s nothing wrong with being human and not putting on a bubbly persona every second of the day. Also, this is some really quality content, the hiking footage was so peaceful.

  3. 🤩🙌🏼 love this detail! Been searching for someone like this. New sub 💕

  4. I love deadlifts but I’m sad because I messed up my form just for ONE SECOND and it gave me sciatica ☹️☹️

  5. With lower body workouts, the problem I run into is my upper body isn’t strong enough to grab the weights to place on the bar for my lower body. Do you have any advice for combatting that? 💕

  6. The busy-ness and amount of males in that gym would make me so anxious 😟 I wish I was more confident to go to the gym but I feel so embarrassed

  7. Beyond happy I stumbled on your channel! This video was amazing both physically and mentally and I can’t wait to start it tomorrow. 😍😍😍😍✨

  8. I have to know where you got the top/bra from in your Wednesday pull workout?!

  9. Seeing your hamstrings flex during the DL was AWESOME. Exactly how I want to look when I DL 😭

  10. Awesome stuff!! Really inspiring! How long did it take before your body composition changed?

  11. This is the first video i´ve ever watched of yours and all I can say is thank you. Your motivation and mindset when it comes to working out are so positive. It kind of calms me down and gets me in a positive mood to listen to you talking and at the same time hypes me up and gets me motivated to keep going with my workout routine. truly amazing.

  12. I really admire your strength, your expertise, and your low body fat.

    You're inspiring me to work out after a year of being pretty much sedentary in lockdown. I'm ready to get strong ✨

  13. Omgggg thank you SO much. I recently started dating a guy who loves weightlifting. I’ve always wanted to get into it but it’s so damn intimidating. I worked out with him a couple of times and it helped a ton and I just started going to the gym. This video was so concise and EXACTLY what I needed. I want a fit, hourglass physique and just overall strength, mobility, and health. Thank you! 🙂

  14. I want to start lifting weights, but I don't know what weight to start at, what would you recommend for leg days?

  15. This is such an amazing video! It’s so refreshing to finally see someone actually explain key tips for form instead of just stating basics of the move. Very informational!

  16. I genuinely appreciate and love how authentic you are. I randomly found your video on my recommended page and I’m really glad I did. I love these work out videos and I think they are very informative but I also love the touch on mental health you spoke of. You seem like an awesome person. Keep doing what you’re doing. Also, Utah person here too. I’d love to hike or meet up. Maybe if you ski we’ll run into each other! ⛷🏂🤙🏼

  17. Hi! When we "scoop up" through our hips during hip thrusts is that also a hip hinging movement?

    Sometimes i feel like im doing it wrong. Like my lower back is moving while the upper rests on the bench. But it also feels like i should be keeping my back straight almost like how it's maintained during deadlifts 🤨🙄😢 how should i do it?

  18. I just found you and am literally wondering where have you been all my life?! This video is absolutely wonderful and you are such an amazing channel of happiness and vulnerability it’s just AGGHHH I love this so much. I will stay here forever 😀

  19. Love these exercises sooo muchh.. definitely incorporating these in my routines.Thanks gurl 🦋

  20. how do you only have 37k subs dude ur aura and just vibe is so positive and motivating!! im gonna try this split next week when i come home from vacation im so excited! also new subscriber!! <3

  21. Girl, you're insanely strong! You rock! As someone who only started working out in my thirties, these are inspiring strength goals. Thank you 💕

  22. Am I supposed to feel the barbell tbar row in my lower back?

  23. Love the workouts, hit the first 3 days and already fell good, tookme 45 minutes in each one, it's that ok? Thanks!

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