In this week’s video I am trying the viral tiktok weight loss dance that’s been going around. The one that targets your core and helps you to get abs. In this video I test is it really possible to lose weight and get abs in 5 minutes a day??? I think it’s also known is the Kiat Jud Dai workout? But don’t quote me! If you know for sure please comment below :). Anyway, thanks for watching❤️ .

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31 thoughts on “Trying VIRAL TIKTOK WEIGHT LOSS DANCE (KIAT JUD DAI workout)

  1. I’ve been trying to do this but it’s my first day and I’m kind of confused on how to do it a bit I don’t think I’m doing it right lol😅

  2. I am a butter and jam person too!!! LOL! So, I understand. The salty creamy of the butter (vegan) against the sweet of the jam is a PERFECT combo!

  3. Butter and jam are one of the best foods I don't know how some people don't like it

  4. I’ve been doing a calorie deficit and have been doing this for two weeks and I’ve lost like 17 pounds in the first week!

  5. Hi..Did you loose weight in the belly only or it reduces the full body weight? Bcoz i only wnna flattened my tummy not the fully body.

  6. Kiat jud dai is from Budots it's a electronic dance music from the Davao Philippines we usually use this music for disco/parties . And I was shock to when I discovered people use this for exercise😂 ( its cool btw) kiat means careless or flirtatious. Dai is a shortcut of the Visaya word Inday which is an endearment for girls but some people mistake it as a term for working girls which wrong. Kiat jud dai can be a positive or negative depends on the situation or how someone say it.

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