Trying The Victoria's Secret Model Diet! – Nina and Randa

Today we did Trying The Victoria’s Secret Model Diet! We found out the VS angel Lily Aldridge likes plant-based foods! These recipes are super easy and healthy to make!
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What We Eat In A Day / Recipe Ideas:






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43 thoughts on “Trying The Victoria's Secret Model Diet! – Nina and Randa

  1. YOU GUYS ALREADY LOOK LIKE MODELS PPFFTT lol i love you guys videos

  2. Honestly you guys look kind of malnourished :/ hope you're hitting all your macros and micros accordingly! I know it cleared your skin because your diet is a detox diet but in the long run I dont think its sustainable….

  3. Lots of things are not hmm “fresh”, I mean, chopped onions, kale and broccoli mixes, pre-sliced carrots and other veggies? Lots of unnecesary plastic girls.
    I’m sure you can find full broccoli, spinach and carrots on markets. Packed looks nice, but natural is always better.

  4. Your makeup looks really good in this video! Also, quinoa has way more fiber and protein compared to rice, and I think it has amino acids as well. It’s a great substitute for those of us who tend to gain weight from carbs!

  5. One model you should of checked out is Bridget Malcolm! She's vegan and has her own blog- she had to go off of it for a while because she wasn't fueling her body properly but she definitely promotes the plant-based lifestyle! I don't believe shes in the VS industry anymore but I think ya'll would enjoy her feedback and advise:)

  6. I know other people have commented, but oh my god – the amount of completely unnecessary plastic you guys used here was crazy! I've never known people to buy diced onion or pre sliced vegetable mixes when it's far cheaper, more nutritious, way better for the environment and just as easy to buy the whole vegetable without the plastic. So, so disappointing to see all of this plastic especially when it's a global crisis with all of this overuse of plastic :/

  7. i want to fix your eyebrows, no hate lol you're gorgeous girls but i would lOVE to wax them for you <3

  8. hey y’all, I know the diced onion seems so unnecessary + I agree it’s so much plastic, maybe we can package it better in the future- but it IS really handy for people with disabilities, that’s primarily who it is/should be marketed towards 🙂

  9. Great video ladies! I'm a rice person too 🙂 I love that huge wok you're using! Where is it from? I would love to see a video on your favorite kitchen gadgets!

  10. Will one of you marry me I’m in the military and trying to move out of the dorms

  11. Okay, but why so much plastic waste? You can so easily cut your own vegetables and adopt habits in daily life that cut down on SO much unnecessary single use plastic. I'm really surprised you don't seem to think/care about this. It's such a fundamental problem that has been gaining even more traction as of recent. Please don't be ignorant. Make the change, reduce your plastic use, and be a positive influence to your viewers!

  12. Wow living plant based caring about the animals but buying diced onions in plastic is the most stupid thing ever you destroy the enviroment animals live in think about your actions

  13. This video is so far the most authentic video I have seen by the twins ALL YEAR. And I love them.

    The reason is this; the Victoria Secret models don't actually starve themselves. Even the non plant based ones eat to fuel their bodies. Take a look at Romee's YouTube channel and you will see that she eats for her workouts and body and build. The trainers and agents will tell you the models are athletes. The way Nina and Randa have been eating since being high starch low fat vegans and the way they work out and do daily fun activities? That is the life of a VS model on the daily (plus you need to add the conferences and shoots). I have worked with and for Victoria's Secret for over a year and I can tell you the effort put in to making the women and girls show the fashion pieces is not faint hearted and they train HARD like Olympic athletes. And they eat like athletes, for their body type. They aren't just lean. They are also muscular, energetic, and happy.
    Just like Nina and Randa.

    So bravo, Nina and Randa. You made an amazing video.
    Love you guys.

  14. LOVE the pan you used – I want one!! – where's it from?

  15. All your videos make me with I had a sister haha! Love what you guys stand for 🙂

  16. Thats soo weird.. I had a bad skin for like 2-3 years and the only thing that helped me where some pills that i took! Not the diet though. I mean you do you, but i think thats a BS about being vegetarian(especially for those who have food allergies- like me)that it will clean your skin. No hate, love you girls, but yeah

  17. Yum!В  I love seeing you guys cooking, the camera at a distance — not just close ups of the food.В  Do more of these, and as always, your What I Eat in a Day vids never get boring!

  18. Uh quinoa is a complete plant protien, with dietary fiber, and iron which ladies – we DO need. Rice is basically empty in nutrient density and can be extremely high in arsenic depending on where it is sourced from and people really should be concerned about the amount of toxic metals they are consuming! Lastly, quinoa has a lower glycemic index which means it metabolizes slower (due to fiber and protien) thus it keeps you fuller longer which can be really good for people trying to loose weight or just people who don’t want to snack all the time.

  19. I love the positive message you two continue to put out. That stir fry w/kale is calling my name, I’ll have to try it soon!

  20. lol guess what i was vegan for 2 years – ate actually pretty healthy – then my hair fell out – i thought it was because of my eating habits (wasn‘t – it was because of stress) but i quitet when i found out it was because of stress i wanted to be vegan again – so i started eating just like you (whole foods – lots of potatoes and fruit & grains) ended up in the hospital because i coudnt handel that much glucose and viber – now i live of ready made pasta and jogurt because i cant handel anything else… what should i do?

  21. Hasn't the news in America been highlighting the plastic in the oceans? Buying pre-chopped onions in a plastic bag is an interesting choice for people who make so many other choices to benefit the planet and its inhabitants….

  22. You guys are so cute x but it’s so sad to see so much plastic

  23. Kinda weird that you created unnecessary waste with your onions instead of just buying an onion…?

  24. Every time l cut my hair it doesn't get longer and thinner my sister makes some things for the hair to make it than and long she uses avocado is it good

  25. you guys talk over each other and seem to have a warped sense of eating….hope no one follows this

  26. i haven't even see the video and I already gave it a like 😉 love you girlsss

  27. great recipes guys. thanks for doing the research for us. it all looks amazing. if any of you need even more vegan plant based vegan ideas then stop on by at out small channel 🙂

  28. Love it!! Is your shirt from h & m I have the exact same one ?вќ¤пёЏвќ¤пёЏ

  29. this might be how they eat on a daily basis but in the weeks leading up to the fashion show, even the plant based models fast and eat only protein shakes for like a week, so just keep that in mind their diet requires major restriction to be that "cut" for the show

  30. Hey everyone please don’t take away from this video that things like quinoa and healthy fats are unhealthy for you!! Quinoa has way more protein than rice will and has loads of other nutritional value to it than plain white rice! Please girls as a studying nutritionist, please don’t base your facts on what you think you know! Research! And remember that just because it didn’t work for you, doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else 🙂

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