Trim or Treat ? Tips on how to prevent holiday weight gain | TiffanyRotheWorkouts

Take Tiffany’s advice and prevent gaining weight this holiday season so you can be Fit, Fierce and Fabulous for all of the parties.

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11 thoughts on “Trim or Treat ? Tips on how to prevent holiday weight gain | TiffanyRotheWorkouts

  1. I bought halloween candy to give out to the kids but I only got the candy I don't like lol… I have my eating plan and workout schedule organized through January! This will be the first holiday season that I don't gain weight! I plan to lose 5lbs by Thanksgiving.

  2. Yeah I'm totally not over indulging this Halloween. I can't do it at all this holiday there is a dress that I have my eye on for New Years. I have all of my healthy Holiday meals planned ( it'll be just me this year through the holidays). I'm READY, BRING IT!

  3. So true! Sugar craves more sugar! That's the biggest issue with the Halloween candy, it doesn't take very long for your body to get us to and begin to crave sugar.
    Great tip! I haven't bought any Halloween candy this year, we don't get very many kids and we have a junk cupboard that has treats for our girls that I will use if needed.

  4. I like this tip! I personally am doing tasty but healthy alternatives to traditional thanks giving classics.

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