31 thoughts on “The Smok Novo 4 Vape Kit!

  1. For everyone thinking of getting the novo 4. Out of all of the salt nic devices I’ve opened from the first novo. Dealing w problems on how to get good flavor on a new pod. Even for the nord it felt like each pod or coil had to be absolutely burnt for it not to be a harsh hit/dry if that makes sense? With barely any flavor and just vape production. Literally just primed my novo 4 freshly bought and had the same issues!!! But because I had the option to lower the wattage I put it to 5 watts after waiting even longer and puffed on it not even 4 times. Flavor started to come through and I could put it back to the recommended 12 wats cause I’m not using the mesh and it’s hitting good. No harsh hits after that.

  2. Thanks for your video the smok is the best I love it.
    With nic salt it is highly recommended guys must try it.

  3. how are your clouds so big, i'm lucky if mine will even let me hit it, and even when it does hit half the time it stops mid hit and picks back up again.

  4. I've had mine 4 months now…. Absolutely best vape I've ever owned

  5. My pod falls out easily and it shoots out the mouthpiece when i fill it up. When its full and i tape the pod in it works pretty good. If i were to do it over I'd just get something else

  6. Smok, Basic English. E makes the O LOOONGG. Without the E, it is short AAWWW. SMAWK not SMOKE!!!!

  7. I am so glad I watched this. My pod kept popping out, too much spit back. After watching this, I realized I had my coil twisted in wrong. OOOPSS. Fixed now. Thought I was going to have to return it.

  8. It's pronounced "smock" all day.
    I have a Novo 2 and I love it with the Novo 1 coils. The 2 and 3 coils taste burnt, right from the start.
    Unfortunately, still never tastes as good as a throw-away, even with fresh coils/pods.

  9. Okay so I see their are like 3 different coil types here on this piece: LP1 meshed 0.8ohm, LP1 DC 0.8ohm MTL, and LP1 Meshed 1.2 ohm MTL. Which is the best for let’s say 50 mg nicotine?

  10. I have always pronounced it the way it looks and the little edgy vape kids make it a point to repeat it back to me as smoke lol. I refuse to discard my brain.

  11. Guys please don't impulse buy this like I did last week. It has a major issue which is gurgling. After your initial fill, when you refill the pod you run into a crazy amount of gurgling. Fixing it is a pain in the ass. To fix it you have to blow through the pod mouth piece until you don't hear the gurgle anymore, but doing this causes you to waste 2ml of liquid. Because of how much you have to blow to fix it. So you will run into a endless loop of blowing and refilling until the gurgling is resolved. Every time I refill it I have to blow through 4 to 6 ml of liquid because of how intense the gurgling problem is. And please don't respond to me saying I'm over saturating because I'm not. I'm only filling to the minimum line, so I know it's not user error. This device is absolutely terrible and unusable in my opinion. Of course it vapes perfectly well when you fix the problem but damn is it unbearable having to do this every time you refill.

  12. Thanks for the review brotha. …BUT HOW THE FUCK DO I RESET THE COUNTER???

  13. I bought mine yesterday. I like this model a lot but cannot, I mean I absolutely cannot get that darn coil out with my fingers. The guy at the store who sold me this was not kidding when he said that I'm going to need tweezers to get that coil out.

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