36 thoughts on “Tammy Gained 10 More Pounds | 1000-lb Sisters

  1. Every doctors appointment Tammy says she messed up but she’s gonna fix it she’s gonna get back on the wagon yet she keeps gaining weight

  2. "exploiting fat people and middle wage families is good money for me" – tlc ceo

  3. Why is there still even a show about her? She is not going to do anything to help herself.

  4. Tammy needs to deal with Dr Now he won't baby her he'll be straight up and just tell her the facts as is.!! But all in all I don't think she really cares so why should other people care? This is entirely up to her. But he excuses can fill up all the oceans in the world 🙄

  5. Doctor???? I'm so sorry 😒!!!! She obviously doesn't want to lose weight!!!! For her?l?? Is not a priority!!!! Smdfh!!!!

  6. I know the cameras are rolling, but to have that much patient to deal with someone that childish and irresponsible is amazing. I would be so upset and careless about what i would say in front of camera if i deal with that kind of person. Tammy need to learn it the hard way. She was so ungrateful with all of those people time and effort to help her. It is so awful 😔

  7. Oh dear Tammy. You must feel so helpless and scared. Did something horrible happen to you. Your pain is unbearable, for myself, can't imagine how you feel. Sherie Rodrigues

  8. I have no words to describe her infantile behavior on the show. It's very frustrating and annoying. She's always yelling and blaming everyone else. I have a name for that. Fingerpointer. It's everyone else's fault but hers. Her body is so deformed looking that it is hard to look at. She continues to be difficult and doesn't even try to lose weight. I honestly don't know how her family does it. She's ridiculous and childish. She needs to stop blaming her family and realize how much they try to help and care for her. She's a selfish person. She thinks it's everyone else but her.
    Also with the selfies…. Really? Stop. Ridiculous. . No. A filter won't help.

  9. Your crappy attitude and snarky mean words to others, frustrates me just as much, if not even more.

  10. My doctor would legit pop a cap in my ass if I was this bitchy and disrespectful towards him🤣🇨🇦he’s a sweetheart this guy, protect him at all costs.

  11. She is to the point there is no helping her now, her family needs to start making plans, if she doesn’t change TODAY she is going to die, end of story.

  12. My issue with Tammy isn't so much the food, and the entitlement, but what a nasty piece of work she is about it. If you're going to be a drain on both society and your own family, at least be pleasant to them.

  13. Why don’t they put Tammy in a weight loss camp, where she can get support and help from professionals?

  14. Exactly! She doesn't want to do anything, but be wanted on hand and foot… 🤷🧐

  15. I used to have compassion, and felt truly sorry for Tammy, but the more I have watched over the years, it's gotten to the point where it's obvious that she does not plan to lose any weight! She uses EVERY excuse she can to Eat, and it's as easy as not bringing her the food anymore, and I feel like the Entire family has enabled her to the point that she throws a tantrum , and get's her way. They need to stop doing Everything Now, and cut her off totally! She will have 1 of 2 choices, and that is to help herself and follow a diet, or eat herself to death, because that is what she is doing! She cracks me up trying to threaten people, and she can't walk across a room without getting winded, she is Lazy and has no intention to do what Amy and Chris have done. I would like the focus to be more on Amy and Everyone else, because at this point I have no interest in watching another episode….

  16. There’s no signal for zoom call.. but you got signal to look at ya boyfriend on tiktok talking about how he like big women…

  17. Honestly, in the grand scheme of things, 10lbs is probably 0.01% of the total she put on. I’m a half glass full sorta person.

    (This is a joke)

  18. I feel bad for Tammy. There is more going on with her than just wanting to lose weight. Forget about the surgery, work on her mental state…

  19. I think we have all come to the conclusion that, Tammy really doesn’t want to loose the weight.

  20. Tammy is doing suicide by eating. There is NO reason to be that huge. She is also LAZY.

  21. Ps I think Gage is so handsome ! It's so hard to believe how fast he is growing it's like he grew over night ! Also one more word for u Tammy ' just think if u don't start doing some thing about your weight heere soon ( I hate to say this u won't be around for Gage: and I do believe that has he gets older he's gonna need his AUNTIE'''if not for your self do it for your nephew please help your self kim

  22. I give the doctor alot of credit. ! If it where me I would have given up long time ago; I really don't think that Tammy has any interest in taking off the weight ! If so she would have done it;;can u amagin if she would have been serous about taking the weight off how much weight she would have taken off by now : Ii have no harsh words to say about Tammy : I watch your show and some times I wish I could just reach throw the tv; and talk some sense in her ; doesn't she realize she's commingl to the end of her rope ????!I pray for u Tammy that some thing will open your eyes ! U can see it in each one of your familiy members they truly care and they to have begged and pledged ; u will die it's a sure thing it's just a matter of time ! Some times to me it's a game to u : it's who can get the last word in ;; this game going to kill u ;; I do care so please don't take this text the wrong wayl; love 💕❣️

  23. im surprised that this woman is still alive! omg! tammy is her own worst enemy too bad for her, but this doctor is wasting his time same as every doctor so far

  24. Not trying to be a dick, it's hard to say but she will be dead in 5 years. She doesn't care or she does but she needs help with her depression first

  25. I’m convinced at this point she is never going to get better. She’s killing herself.

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