B12 weight loss/ Taking phentermine? /WATCH THIS /Lost 7 pounds a week

Anwsering a viewers question in detail. B12 Is AMAZING.

Teen who lost leg, fingers in shark attack describes the moment she was bitten l Nightline

Paige Winter, 17, said she started praying for her life when the shark pulled her under. Her father Charlie Winter talks about jumping into the water and punching the shark … Read More

Mary Parker Follett's Views on Giving Orders, Responsibility, and Socialism (Dynamic Admin Part 3)

This is the third video in the discussion of Mary Parker Follett’s Dynamic Administration. Of Special note is her discussion on socialism, orders, and responsibility.

How to Stop on Rollerblades without Brakes // Beginners Inline Skating Tutorial

Want to learn how to stop without a heel brake? A quick detailed tutorial for beginner inline skaters/rollerbladers. Watching this video will teach you the important skill of controlling your … Read More