STUCK! | Can't Lose Weight

You can’t lose weight because your calories are too low! This place can be tough to be. You are eating nothing, and still no progress. How can you solve this problem. Well…perhaps by eating more!

STUDY: Exercise associated hormonal signals as powerful determinants of an effective fat mass loss

Macro Calculator:

Starvation mode implies that you are eating so few calories that the body shuts down fat loss. Metabolism, hormones, the magic fat loss fairy creates a singularity which prevents the very rules of energy to cease to exist!

Why you are eating too little to lose weight!

35 thoughts on “STUCK! | Can't Lose Weight

  1. I’m 5’9”, stocky, and had been at 1800 calories for years. Was on vacation and didn’t gain too much after walking everyday. I’m experimenting with your calculator and going to 2300 since I have an intense workout. But yeah, I think something clicked in my brain about not eating enough. My hair does easily falls out as well. No doctors flagged anything though :/

  2. I've started eating 1,200 calories but I've been gaining more than 5+ pounds and gaining body fat what should I do I'm afraid of increasing because ill get more fat, what can I do to get back on track and get back to how I used to weigh and even trim down I hope you're able to read my message thanks.

  3. im really enjoying your videos on 1.25 speed (sometimes 1.5) 😀

  4. Hi Paul. I was 67kg in April and got up to 74 in august. Just wondering if you would consider this a disastrously bad bulk weight gain rate

  5. What are your thoughts on calisthenics instead of weight lifting (excluding legs, would use weights for that)?

  6. Hey Paul I'm 210 pounds and eating 1000 calories a day to lose weight. I'm trying to get to 185. Any tips on how I can maintain this once I'm done?

  7. Hello Paul Revelia I have a question, im at around 13% bodyfat rn and have a visibl4 pack and full six pack in the right lighting im 136 lbs 5’8 male at what weight do you think ill have barely any fat on lower abdomen i know that weight sounds low but i look bigger than most at 160+ my wrist is really small so that’s probably why i weigh so little (small bones im guessing) but ive been doing fasted cardio and it’s working really well but its gonna suck when someone is gonna ask me whats your weight and i say 130lbs because everyone doesnt believe it they always think its more

  8. I just have no energy to workout at all when I cut calories way low it just feels like nap time all day

  9. i always smile when you smile 😃
    pure facts 💯 video

  10. "No one would ever starve to death" you're making folks angry and confused lol

  11. Any chance of some videos about muscle building, training techniques/routines/planning etc? Seem to get a lot of videos about fat here. Not having a go at you by any means. It's you channel and your content is always good. Just thought it be great to see you talking about muscle building. Focusing on muscle groups, seeing you lift some weights in the gym:)

  12. Really like this one b/c I've struggled with this before. Found that increasing my protein with dinner helps me the most. I can digest loads more tuna, salmon, or any white fish in a large amount much more easily than chicken, beef, etc plus shakes really mess me up. If youre on a budget, cheap chunk tuna in water plus a yummy mustard and maybe even some measured out olive oil is the way to go, so good and light on the stomach!! Great video!

  13. 💯🙌🙌Absolutely love this, amazing coaching advice. I love your philosophy “more movement over more restriction”. The Balance approach you have is one of the many reasons why your the #1 trusted coach 🥇🏆Awesome video as always 💯🙏

  14. I’m a 5’3 55 years old retired female. I run 4 days a week, walk 3-5 miles 7 days a week and lift 5 days a week. I can lose between 1200-1400 calories. If I bumped it up to 17-1800, I’d never lose a thing.

  15. I'm sure this was discussed a few times. For me @ 6' 0" @ 165lbs I thought I'd see full abs..
    Wrong! I had to get to 155lbs to see the physique I want. Getting to 165 from 185-190 was no problem but getting from 165 to 155 was almost impossible!

  16. That's a real fact i was eating 1500cal + cardio every day and going to the gym my wight stick on 70kg till I used the calories calculater and today I'm eating 2500cal without cardio and I lost 2kg 🔥👊

  17. Down 110 pounds and have abs for the first time in my life thanks to you Paul! You and John Meadows have made a tremendous difference in my nutrition and exercise. Finally working on a reverse diet after being in a deficit for way too long. Thanks Paul!

  18. This literally just happened to me. I was restricting calories and carbs a bit too much and my energy was zapped, my workouts suffered and I got sedentary. I upped my calories and my body started responding beautifully. I started moving more and worked out more intensely. The weight plateau got unstuck. Sometimes a step back at a different angle is the way forward. Great stuff Paul.

  19. I'm 55, 6'2", 230# male. I exercise 3 days, cardio 4, eating less that the 1800 kcals recommended by the calculator, take in around 110-160 gm protein over my food intake. I want to get down to my target of 185# – started my routine January 2021. Body comp has changed slightly but still at the 230#. What do I need to do to get out of this plateau? Thanks!

  20. Definitely lost way too much muscle strength and muscle mass and not enough belly fat …

  21. Here’s a good example.
    I wanted to go you the gym today but was feeling low energy and hungry, so I went and had myself a big bowl of high carb , yet nutritious cereal. I now feel ready to go 💪
    If you feel so low energy that you are unable to make it to the gym, eat more!

  22. Ive actually been binging about 4000-3000 calories straight for this whole week… 😐

  23. Im 5.9 226lbs I'm stuck I've already lost 98 lb I can't lose anymore I'm already eating 1800 calories a day workout 6 days a week need some help please im 32 years old

  24. I’m plateauing right now, thank you for this video! You’ve helped me so much along my YouTube weight loss journey 💪🏻

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