Please Avoid These DIRTY Keto Foods (and Why) – Complete List

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Questions that will be answered within this video:
– What are the differences between “dirty keto” and “clean keto?”
– What are examples of dirty keto foods?
– What are examples of clean keto foods?
– What is a sample dirty keto menu?
– What is a sample clean keto menu?

35 thoughts on “Please Avoid These DIRTY Keto Foods (and Why) – Complete List

  1. It's mostly about calorie consumption. 0nce you cut out sugars and carbs, you're cutting a lot of extra calories that your body stored as excess fat.

  2. Sadly, your clean options are at least double the price of the "dirty" ones here. I can barely afford the so called "dirty" options even I've been working 12 hours every single day for years and years… I wish I was born in your class and your country Thomas.
    The foreign world is so rich. I wish I never learn about internet, foreign languages and things outside africa so I don't need to know and face the cruel reality of the world.

  3. Why is Cauli pizza dirty by definition ?
    You can make one with clean ingredients.

  4. There is no way on gods green earth I can give up chicken wings.

  5. The plain Jane Mac ‘s pork rinds are good to go but avoid all the other flavored and seasoned versions

  6. Because I dont eat for 48hrs, i got plenty of money for 1 great choice and 2 decent choices.

  7. Thomas, not necessarily a Keto question but more along the lines of "cleaner" eating: your thoughts on whole rolled oats w/ almond butter + banana as a small meal and also your thoughts on Premier Protein RTDs? Complete garbage or still a decent RTD if you had to drink one? Thanks!!!

  8. The only difference between grass-fed beef/milk is the price. Stop being such a food snob.

  9. What benefit does Stevia have over other artificial sweeteners? (exempt its more expensive?

  10. I guess I'm just a dirty girl because I'm not giving up my coffee creamer or my diet Coke. ?

  11. Are eggs grown in the soil good? This is what i get and i noticed when i boil them for like 8 minutes they're quite a nice saturated and dark red/orange colour wich is good i've heared. Also grass fed butter…not something i could find here in Romania, Bucharest.

    Just because it is wild caught salmon from China does not mean it IS wild caught salmon. Jerkey…seriously!?
    Man, no.
    I'm not choosing foreign fish and calling it safe on good faith. Love your stuff, but…come on! Dollar Tree hauls were "as close as we can get to KINDA KETO"

  13. I think the point is to identify areas where we can do better, not necessarily to fixate on having a 100% clean keto. My takeaway here is to find 1-2 items I can eliminate and switch to a better alternative. Personally, although I’ve cut down, I haven’t given up diet sodas even though I know they are really bad for me. Sure, maybe I can’t afford pasture raised eggs right now, but there’s still a very good underlying principle here.

  14. And this is why people get discouraged. Eat the foods you like and can afford and keep it to whole foods and stay away from seed oils, added sugars and processed fake keto foods.

  15. The Bai drinks are loaded with carbs. Although they are very popular they are not keto friendly.

  16. Hellman’s mayo here in the UK uses Sunflower oil. Is that clean then?
    They also do a Hellman’s Organic mayonnaise here, again, with sunflower oil.

  17. In my country, first thing is finding the clean items. "bio" is basically the poor birds have a small patch of dirt, in rest the same conditions. Then is the money. Then is actually finding options like ghee. Few places and way expensive. But he has a point. Heck, if you can do it go for it. No need to bash the guy.

  18. I was horrified when I saw the keto cooking demos on YouTube. That's what I ate when I was bulimic. I thought screw it. I use my cronometer account, test strips, and am doing it my way.

  19. You are not going to find "WIld" salmon in a dollar store for a dollar. Wild salmon runs between $20 to $30 a pound depending upon the time of year. If there is salmon in a dollar store it is farmed salmon fed GMO corn & soy thereby reducing the omega 3 oil & everything else that is supposed to be good in salmon.

  20. Lol regular eggs are fine. Pasture is not worth it at all. I use to trust this guy but now I’m iffy about his advice. Also regular butter is perfectly fine since it contains fat and no carbs at all. It’s not perfect but it’s still really good and perfectly fine to use.

  21. All I see is everyone complaining here. No one cares except other complainers

  22. Not all of us are getting paid by Google.
    We buy what we can afford to eat.

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