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40 thoughts on “PHRASAL VERB CUT part 1

  1. "cut someone up "it does also mean to insult someone right? for example, do not cut his ego up. Does it make sense?

  2. And so that was something I did want to carry forward.

    And you get to decided what you want to carry forward.

    What is it you want to carry forward from your parents.

    What does this mean please (carry forward)

    What does this mean please (carry forward)) this from movies please

  3. Hello Rach ma'am..I have a doubt..when exactly is the word "such" used ? Should we always give an introductory statement before so that it could be quoted in the next line with the word "such a or such an".. Ma'am ..could you clarify my doubt??💕

  4. hey Rachel, in the example in 3:38, " cut away the fat before cooking the chicken " why we use ".. before cooking.. " instead of "… before you cook… " . are both correct but the message that convey each sentence is different or something?

  5. Do native speakers learn these phrases through reading or conversations with their family and friends?

  6. This a big Hi to you Rachel my so amazing English teacher,
    Honestly you are the one i have been listening to over and over again so i recommend people from I don't know well to watch your videos as it became my five hours routine!

  7. Rachel, when you were explaining the phrasal verb cut away,did you say,"remove it with a knife or A scissors"? My understanding is that scissors is a plural noun, and therefore you should not use an indefinte article. Am I right?

  8. cut up…funny
    cut down….insult someone
    cut up….cut something in few pieces
    cut down….cut tree down.
    cut across……shortcut
    cut away….remove fat from chicken…

  9. Thank you so much. "Rachel's English" is great and is really helpful. I've learned English at home by reading short stories and Wikipedia articles on my favorite topics. I have used your videos to improve my pronunciation. It has improved a lot with your videos. Thank you very much. I appreciate sharing videos for free for all.

  10. I hope someone help me make the caption for this video. Please translate from English to Vietnamese!

  11. What’s the difference between some confusion and some confusing. Thanks Rachel.

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