14 thoughts on “My First Half Marathon | Full Day Of Eating (Non Restrictive) | Homemade Flour Tortillas

  1. I love all cooking vlogs. You are a talented cook and I enjoy those the most. Would like to see you run the races too.

  2. OMG!!! Am two days late for this. ??‍♀️? Catching up indeed. ?❤️

  3. For me the apple watch under estimates. I maintain my weight eating about 2500-2600 cals and it usually says i burn 2200 cals per day

  4. Do you eat the calories as you burn them in a day or calories burned used for the next day of eating ?

  5. Hi from Mexico!!!!!!!! Love your vlogsssss! Cuestion …. I have the garmin watch …. in your experience how accurate is it ????

  6. Your cooking has def been on point!!! Those everything bagels!!! Yum!!!!

  7. You should buy a mexican tortilla press! It will make your tortillas come out round? Great video as always?

  8. Would you consider the Garmin vivoactive to be an accurate fitness tracker for tdee?

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