36 thoughts on “Motley Crue Fans Launch Petition To Help Vince Neil Lose Weight

  1. I like that the host of this show is fat, bald, fugly af, and will never amount to the legend that is Vince Neil, yet he fat shames a 60 yro rock icon. Ridiculous.

  2. I'm not worried about it. He got in shape before he came back in 1996 and 2004. It will be tougher when he turns 60 next week, but he's rich, he can hire a personal trainer and nutritionist.

  3. Vince Neil doesn't look healthy obviously. But I've seen this happen to many people who have health issues and were put on prednisone. Not everyone is open and comfortable discussing their health issues. I have colitis and in my support group I've seen 100lb women gain 60+lbs in a very short amount of time after being prescribed prednisone. After the treatment is finished they begin to shed the weight.
    I don't have any inside scoop on why his weight ballooned up so quickly. It could be beer and wings, but it could also be a health condition that he's not comfortable sharing with the public. For his sake and those that love him I hope he's able to get healthy again.
    Take care everyone ✌😷🤘

  4. Vince has to get in shape. Look at the the other Lead singers on the tour coming up, they are in shape. Just to name another singer not on this tour, Paul Stanley. He is older than Vince and in better shape. Come on Vince!!!


  6. Coincidentally, I've been making the rounds of the Vince Neil bad singing videos & come on to be honest, they are hilarious. At the same time, I saw where the retired never to tour again pinkie swear until death do us part 2020 Tour is now happening. First thought, Vince needs a trainer & Spanx. So, let's see how this goes. Whose willing to pay "mega million bucks" to see this tour to hear Vince sing, "Big Mac $1.03"? Not me!

  7. What a joke this Motley Crue train wreck is…why does anyone care about these bums…they suck and their music sucks…always have. What a bunch of suckers you all are.

  8. I'm so sick of ppl talkung shit about VINCE.
    The guy has had alot of tragedy in his life and he has cope with it in the only way he can. It's called compensating for your feelings.
    At least he's not sitting around doing nothing with his life.
    He still goes out there and performs on stage.
    Its funny how ppl find it so easy to insult and belittle someone then it is to see a kind word about them or give them a hand to help them up.
    Shame on all the so called
    CRÜE fans for being part of the problem.
    I stand behind Vince Neil a 100%
    He's going to get his shit together and he's gonna show all you HATERS and he's gonna FUCKING ROCK.
    He's going to look hotter then ever and he's going to sound GREAT.

  9. All the bands need to be on their top game. Vince for sure needs to get super healthy. Yoga will help breath which will help his voice

  10. Joe isn't far behind and his voice is weak now days, hey Bret looks in shape though…oh wait he's voice sucks now day as well. I see this as a bust tour

  11. Some more of Vince’s hits;
    Without Food
    Rattlesnake Bake
    Gut’s What I Feed
    Too Fat For Grub
    Cook’s That Fill
    All In The Name Of Eggs And Toast
    Piece Of Your Bacon
    Fatter Than Hell
    Too Fat To Turn Down Grub
    Primal Feed
    Hungry Boy Blues
    Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Make A Cake)

  12. I hope Weird Al Yankovic is reading the comment section. 🤔😃

    Lots of good material for parody songs. 😅

  13. He needs to get on that cocaine/meth and vitamin water diet, couple that with some vocal lessons and you might get a rock singer out of the deal.

  14. He had an awesome voice, even live..yrs back. Hope most importantly you have good health. I never try to critize to harshly. None of are perfect. Best to you Vince.

  15. You know what pisses me off? When people sit on their high horses and make fun of people who have suffered great loss but care more about appearance rather than the heart of a man.  Here's a thought, if you don't like em', don't go but shut the hell up so the real fans can get the better seats because I appreciate them flaws and all. Asshats!

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