Mix the lemon with cinnamon and belly fat will be gone permanently!

Mix the lemon with cinnamon and belly fat will be gone permanently!

0:00 Introduction
0:31 Lemon benefits for weight loss
2:14 Cinnamon benefits for weight loss
2:55 The preparation method
3:54 How to drink this belly fat burner

46 thoughts on “Mix the lemon with cinnamon and belly fat will be gone permanently!

  1. I hate reading things off YouTube. I hope maybe you can make a video that I can listen to. So hard to read those tiny little word that I can't see.

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  5. j'en bois depuis très longtemps, je met 2 bâtons de canelle + 2 citrons et je bois tiède,et ça marche bien

  6. Thank you good information. I will try this.

  7. Лимон в соединении с кипятком даёт очень вредный концераген

  8. Bonjour j'ai fait le mélange hier voulant perdre du poids pourquoi est ce aussi salé une fois sorti du frigo et même en ajoutant du miel si vous pouvez me répondre merci beaucoup

  9. Aléjate un poco,no mucho,de los carbohidratos,las grasas,el sedentarismo,etc,etc,etc,y la grasa abdominal va a mermar,no va desaparece si no te hacen una lipo,🤣👍

  10. Нажму на лайк точно ,через неделю, если жир с живота уйдёт….😊😊😊

  11. My mom just told me she does this and that it works. So I had to find a video lol. She also said she hasn't exercised at all. I'm trying this today! Ty!

  12. Is it a must to be refrigerated???

    Drinking cold??
    Or warm??

  13. then right after it you eat a fat xxl burger and all the cinnamon+ lemon mix was for nothing. oh also don't forget to snack on high energy dense snacks like flips, chips, sweets and cakes and chug it all down w/ a giant beer @ octoberfest.

  14. Works for me.. lost 9 lbs in just over 3 months . Belly trimmer. Has stayed off too. Mostly take it in the morning a half hour before breakfast. Occasionally a half hr before dinner.

  15. I have made this and am drinking one small glass in am and one in pm. Will try to do for a number of weeks. Sure hope it works.

  16. i did this exact recipe the other day, only i added a bunch of fresh mint with it… it was actually really good!
    -I love your easy clean recipes. : ))

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