Military Diet | Weight Loss Journey 2021

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April 3, 2021: My failed attempt at the military diet (sorry for the spoiler, lol).

Military Diet:
Last Weigh-In (4/1):

Run schedule (miles):
Mon: Off ~ Tue: 3 ~ Wed: 3 ~ Thu: 3 ~ Fri: Off ~ Sat: 2 ~ Sun: 3.

My starting weight for April 2021 was 159.6 lbs. My goal weight is 125 lbs.
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26 thoughts on “Military Diet | Weight Loss Journey 2021

  1. You have a great pair of legs !!! Maybe I should go back to the burpees lol .
    3 mile run well done you
    I am just playing catch up with your videos seems I’ve missed so many

  2. I’ve been itching to do a 3-5 day fast just trying to find the time around my work considering it’s physically demanding and fasting isn’t not recommended. I love fasts as a tool to reset/detox your body. Loving the workout clips 💪🏾😃

  3. Never heard of veggie bacon before but it's OK it looks good It is so hard to do but on alcohol 🥂

  4. A lady I use to work with did this a loss crazy weight but it affected her health as well, not in a good way.

  5. “Drunk me” Ha😅 Progress over perfection Sorai, one small step after the next ! The avocado toast looks good.

  6. It is actually the first time I heard about this diet. I loved the day 2 meme 😂 I believe you will get your drinking under control and lose weight quickly!

  7. It's not a bad diet, I kept looking at what you ate and never once did I think that I could not do it. It reminded me a bit of the egg diet, only with a lot less eggs.

    Hey, I don't really hate golden milk anymore lol. Sweetening it with erythritol or allulose really helps out!

    I thought that the last tuna was oatmeal at first honestly. I do like how you are big on presentation though, even the simplest meals get a beautiful arrangement.

    I couldn't do half of those exercises yet, it's pretty cool that you're able to do pretty much all of them already.

    Oh, and how is that teriyaki nori?! The thought of it sounded so good!

  8. I was worried, but the food doesn’t look bad. I can’t do a pull up either, but with practice we will get there! I look forward to your review.

  9. You get a lot of different food options which is great. I always find it helps if I am told what to eat and don't have to think about it. So much easier to manage everything 😀

  10. I can't believe I've never heard of this.
    😆 that fall though
    It seems like a strange combination of foods but yet I am intrigued 🤔 I shall stay tune!

  11. Burpees looked clean! Okay Im extra excited for your meals to see what this diet includes! That scale looks cool! I was going to ask about the booze! Okay your honesty is just what we need and what you need! You can do this Shy! No worries on the end results.

  12. Oooh never heard of the military diet interesting can’t wait for your review

  13. I'm familiar with the military diet but I've never tried it. I love the lightlife veggie smart dogs. They are so good. Keep us posted! I hope you're having a good Easter. 🙂

  14. Military diet – interesting!

    Mmmm atleast for dinner they let you have icecream hehe :p

    The matcha tea looks so good! Sucks that eggs make you nauseous – I love them!

    Yummm teriyaki seasweed snacks!

    Lmao the trust fall clip!

    Your robe looks so comfy!

    Im working towards getting a pull up as well

    Cant wait till you try the diet again and give us your opinions!

  15. NOTI GANG! I was literally JUST on your channel catching up on your videos :p

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