Man’s Life Changed by a Weekly Dose of ‘Magic Mushrooms’?

Ryan Munevar joins The Doctors with psycho-pharmacologist Dr. Benjamin Malcom and psychologist and chemical dependency specialist Dr. Megan Marcum to share his personal experience of microdosing psilocybin weekly, which he credits for making several positive changes in his life. Could this treatment be something doctors to put in their arsenal in the future?

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40 thoughts on “Man’s Life Changed by a Weekly Dose of ‘Magic Mushrooms’?

  1. Big pharma settles for billions for lying and false advertising (easy to fact check). They bank roll the FDA and pretty much all research as well as have major control over the education of the medical community. Sooooo sure I'll listen to them when they say something that grows in the forest for free is super dangerous. Money, money, money, money, money…

  2. People should just have a great trip once in awhile. No one needs another chore like microdosing every whatever.

    Just have a great trip and enjoy it. Then fuck off until you need another great trip! Simple as that. ZERO debate necesssary.

  3. Del Shannon (famous singer) committed suicide after taking Prozac to treat his depression. One of the side effects of Prozac is…wait for it…suicidal thoughts. The biggest danger of magic mushrooms is that they will cost big pharma billions of dollars.

  4. They question the power of psychedelics because it will one day make big pharma obsolete. A person's mental health shouldn't be monetized

  5. I’m gonna start dosing in the next few days. Detoxing off Kratom. 🙁

  6. “There hasn’t been a lot of research though”

    Yeah, YOU are the doctors – stop acting like you have no role – demand the research from NIH – it’s been 20 years and medical community is still sitting on its hands. Get the trials done.

    FDA clearance of a cheap, safe, and unpatentable superior anti-depressive (and nootropic) people can grow at home for free is an unacceptable annihilation of pharma profits.

    As such, pharma will not spend the $100M to do the trials, and if some company ever did, pharma would catch and kill the company and the trials for $300M.

    When Ketamine became approved for depression, pharma couldn’t patent the cheap K, so they invented a compound with less efficacy and patented it for $3000 treatments. It’s bullshit – I’d like to see the doctors call it out and not be part of the problem.

  7. Safety concerns? Bro, people come into that ER with alcohol poisoning on the regular. Stop.

  8. I DEAL with depression and mushrooms are truly the only thing that helps. Mushrooms were given to us by the gods. I don’t understand how you can make something so natural illegal. Blows my mind.

  9. They got the wrong people studying them. People who are already assuming the worst about them

  10. Everyone in this show are social engineers paid to ridicule anyone who use alternative medicines or psychedelics.

  11. thc has opened my view and helped with my anxiety (using distillate it work instantly during an anxiety episode)
    however, there are strand that will make me a bit paranoid and question everything, so there is a lot of work to do on that front.
    but as a community a lot of these different effect are documented.
    it also helped massively with my back pain where normal medication won't (muscle relaxant, anti inflamatory and even morphine)

    i think we need to educate people on how, when and why use these product.

  12. People are depressed because they don’t serve God their creator, therefore they don’t have God in their life. So now they are lost searching for solutions elsewhere in mind altering drugs which is the dangerous because it makes people think they can create their own self transcendence. The devil is the master of deception.

  13. Mushrooms can show you how silly your depression and anxieties are. We as human create so many problems within your heads and the wise shroom can show you

  14. In my experience, the shrooms helped me get back to being happy. Before I took them I was so depressed, always sad, always negative . But after/during my trip it changed me. I had realized there’s no need for me to be depressed, life can be fucked up sometimes but I have to move on and live the life I deserve. Ever since that day everybody can see a difference in me . A positive difference, I smile more, I laugh more. Now don’t get me wrong I probably will cry about the things I used to cry about but I will spend way less time doing that.

  15. the people in the background look so depressed

  16. I dont like when people say if you have a "guide", it's like nah bro you just cant be around people who will fuck with you

  17. I refuse to take the advice of Doctors who have done insufficient research on said substances.

  18. Little research is done on cannabis, shrooms, kratom, etc. because Big Pharma can't patent them! It's that simple folks

  19. Mushrooms saved my life! I was 19 and a absolute wreck. Rebellion, i was taking Xanax every day. Just a mess. And one 3.5 dose i was in absolute awe at gods love for us honestly. It changed my life forever. Take them and surrender, absolutely surrender. Thats how it works guys, this stuff is like a reset for your brain. The stuff that goes wrong you’re able to see it and get out of patterns and habits that are not good for the soul!! Sorry but in my opinion People who have “bad trips” refuse to surrender, or just straight up overdo it. Thats god telling you something, people love their sin more and don’t wanna change or discipline. When taken in the RIGHT way ive never ever had a bad trip. Nothing even close. The reason people have these spiritual experiences on high dosage mushroom trips is because it allows the ego to completely surrender, it removes blockages. Thats why god/Holy Spirit/christ is able to come unto you. It changes your life its very powerful don’t treat it as a joke you will be humbled soon I promise

  20. 3 or 4 grams??? lol i was trippin like crazy off of .75 g's lmaooo

  21. talks about safety from drugs

    and then alcohol sitting over here like a holy saint

  22. Pharmaceuticals cause more issues and side effects than this would. The only reason that it's not legal is probably because big pharmaceutical companies would lose out in profits.

  23. It’s a natural medicine that works, so is a threat to big pharma profits and centralised control

  24. I went from a very miserable, depressed person to feeling like I’m on top of the world In 3 days from microdosing. I didn’t know who I was or what I was supposed to feel like other than just awful. I was very impulsive just looking for some kind of way to feel “ok”. I’ve been on some serious medications that have made me want to commit suicide. I’ve abused alcohol for the better part of my life and have been dependent on marijuana for at least 7 years. After the first pinch of mushrooms I instantly knew I was on the right path. I’m looking into growing these now and will continue to micro dose.I thought my life was going to end with me in the bottom of a black hole and now I feel like like I’m the guy filling the hole with dirt and stomping on it. It rained like cats and dogs this morning on the ride to work and it didn’t phase me a bit. Nothing but optimism. I feel like I control how I should feel now. A good friend of mine got me interested in them and I told him he saved my life because I could have ended my life not knowing how it felt to actually be happy or that there was hope all along. If it comes from the dirt is safe enough for me. Just be responsible. Good luck to everyone that’s battling depression or anxiety. There is hope, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to find it.

  25. They will change your life. They will. Full stop.

  26. I'm on 2 grams right now. Should be legal. Micro dose, macro dose, eat a pound of it. I don't care just get some psilocybin in your brain. It's good for you

  27. why are shroom users always so unscientific? your cultish demeanors make me wonder if you haven't been corrupted for life akin to a meth or heroin user.

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