Lose Belly Fat from RUNNING – HOW TO DO IT EASIER!

Here are some tips to lose belly fat from running. Hopefully, you enjoyed the video and good luck on your journey.

Here are the tips and links mentioned in the video:

1. Get Started but don’t overdo it. Consistency is king.
2. Zone 2 is the perfect heart for the majority of your workouts.
3. Find your Heart Rate Zone 2 here:

4. Take walk breaks if need be to stay in zone 2.
5. My “Quick-hitter” work free download(do it 1-2 a week max, and consult with a physician before trying:

6. Stick with it, the belly fat will come off as you continually have a slight calorie deficit each day.
7. Look at your nutrition too. Pick one thing to change, such as just drinking water (2L minimum per day). No liquid calories.
8. Keep going until you make that a habit.

Enjoy and best good luck!


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Hopefully, you enjoyed it, now get out there and enjoy the run!

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Happy Running!

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