LIVESTREAM: How to COLLAB with or PROGRAM for this channel

I hope this doesn’t come off as tone deaf…

22 thoughts on “LIVESTREAM: How to COLLAB with or PROGRAM for this channel

  1. One question sir… Where you get the HAT? Love it! Let me have it! Lol. Miss the trucker hats that I used to get from гѓ‰гѓіг‚­гѓ›гѓјгЃ¦

  2. 9:00 Maybe those people should just get good instead of trying to sell a crappy product. Why do people buy JFZ so much? Because Genki is boring trash while JFZ is simple to understand and easy to apply. If you absolutely need to collab to get subscribers then you aren't good at making videos. Those people should focus more on their actual skill at providing content people want and less on bothering bigger channels.

  3. I would love to do a collab with you too, but I know I am not the best to collab with yet. Lol. I’m still a beginner at learning Japanese. ?

  4. oh wow, i knew felix and marzia were learning japanese. but i didnt know they used your books. thats is pretty epic

  5. Congrats on 100 likes George. Most of new youtubers don't even make it to that point without playing Fortnite.

  6. technically ideas need enough planing in order to have good execution, but it seems like george just executes with not that big plan 😀
    So he ends up taking 20 years for five books rofl

  7. Japanese 101のリサさんとと共にコラボレーションするのは抜群だけでなく、非常に教育的でもあるかもしれません。 然も、

    miku real Japaneseってのチャネルには外国人に毎日の話し言葉の使い方も教えています。


  8. гЃ‹г‚“гЃ•гЃ„г‚ігѓјг‚№г‚’иІ·гЃ„гЃѕгЃ™г‚€гЃ†гЂ‚(AUDгЃ§), гЃ‚гЃЁдєЊдєєеї…и¦ЃгЃ§гЃ™гЂ‚

  9. So you won't collab with my channel with 8 subscribers? Oh mi amigo! My corazon! You break my heart.

  10. I love the way you teach?, long life to your channel, may your hard work be blessed always. Thanks for helping us that much ?

  11. If you're talking about Mother Theresa she was an awful person. She didn't actually do any good.
    But you are right, doing nice things for others makes you feel good, and if it didn't, then nobody would ever do nice things for others.

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