KINECT: UFC Personal Trainer – Matt Testimonial | OFFICIAL | HD

Matt discusses his tremendous weight loss with UFC Personal Trainer. UFC videogame portfolio expands with interactive fitness experience using Mixed Martial Arts exercises.

UFC Personal Trainer, the latest edition to the expanding UFC videogame portfolio which aims to deliver a challenging and motivating UFC fitness experience that includes the best and most effective exercises utilized by today’s renowned UFC fighters. DellaGrotte, Jackson and Mendez currently operate three of the most prominent MMA training facilities in the world and have significantly contributed to the success of many elite UFC fighters, including current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones, current UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir. UFC Personal Trainer is now available on Kinect for Xbox 360, on PlayStationMove for PS3 and Nintendo’s Wii system.

UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System
GENRE: Sports
+ US: June 28, 2011
+ EU: July 1, 2011
PLATFORM: Xbox 360
ALSO ON: PS3 Move, Wii Fit

DEVELOPER: Heavy Iron Studios
ESRB: E for Everyone: Violent References


13 thoughts on “KINECT: UFC Personal Trainer – Matt Testimonial | OFFICIAL | HD

  1. any fool can lose weight I'd like to see how a skinny guy could bulk up to a programme on kinect . this fat shits progress don't impress me one bit . we wanna see a programme for the kinect that is fun to use and help out every weight type . I think ufc trainer is great it keeps you fit but I'd like to see more done with it

  2. Having a Guide to do full cardio exercise… is the same as going to a gym…. the excersice is real if you do it. if you just plug on the tv, and sit on the couch to see the demo of the game, you will never lose fat 😛

  3. Your the tard. IT REALLY WORKS!

  4. If this is indeed real, why then, guys like Roy Nelson
    in real life and real UFC can not lose belly fat?

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