Is Stomach Vacuuming Safe?

Celebrity trainer Peter Lee Thomas shares stomach vacuuming is an ancient form of breathing that’s been around for thousands of years. He shares that people who practice yoga know about this and if you have issues with digestion, this breathing is great to way to help jumpstart your digestion. The idea is to bring your stomach towards your spine. Peter Lee Thomas shares a few breathing techniques like power breathing, kundalini breath of fire, and stomach vacuuming.

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28 thoughts on “Is Stomach Vacuuming Safe?

  1. I will tell you how to burn belly fat : Exercise, eating healthy with more meat & veggies than carbs, cooking your own food (don't buy processed food like microwave meals, frozen pizzas, sausages, etc) don't eat sugar and you will shrink. If you want to shrink even faster try intermittent fasting. If you want to shrink even faster try OMAD. If you want to shrink even faster try 72 hours fasts with snake juice. If you want to shrink even faster just go get a liposuction xD

  2. I don’t know if I did something wrong but I did a stomach vacuum and something in my abdomen popped

  3. It's a stomach vacuum that doctors use to empty your stomach.The purpose is to eat what ever you want and not purge classically with your fingers in throat,to vomit,but use a machine(vacuumer),that empty your stomach easily from all binge eating you've done!

  4. I feel like he could be Chris Hemsworth's stunt double

  5. Exercises might burn a little fat but for any real results eat in a 200 cal deficit for like 6 months and then increase to a 400 cal deficit. There are daily calorie intake calculators to find your starting point. I also suggest doing a zigzag diet. (For example, Monday-Friday 2000 cal, Sat and Sun 2,400 cal so your body takes more time to get used to the calorie deficit.) Go on long walks or jogs for cardio to help keep ur calories down it's fun. Good luck booiiiii

  6. I like how the audience is clapping like they're not sure they should be clapping.?

  7. Believe it or not breathing has a lot of the most crucial health Benefits out there! One of them is living

  8. This dudes good!!! I hate having the idea that a thing would work and then when I read the comments I have a doubt lmfaoo

  9. I tried to make my own diet, but it didn't work. I went to Agoge Diet and let them create diet plan for me. I am delighted with the result

  10. Lol I have been doing this since I was 5 and I used to kake weird shapes with my stomach muscles and just take in the fat and push the muscles forward when I was super skinny xD.

  11. This s called basrika in yoga, I m proud to c western people strtd doing our ancient Indian breath cleansing real serious ??

  12. Good explanation on the breathing, but Rickson Gracie does the stomach vacuum way better than this guy

  13. No it isnt safe.,.as i start doing it ,i got serious muscle strain…which lasted 3 weeks… It was excessive painful strain

  14. I have been doing fire breath since years now,i still haven't got rid of my allergies BUT i never get constipation i donot have weight issues

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