INTENSE Lower Body Kettlebell Fat-Loss Routine (Takes Just 12 Minutes!) | Chandler Marchman

INTENSE Lower Body Kettlebell Fat-Loss Routine (Takes Just 12 Minutes!) | Chandler Marchman
Inside this video Coach MANdler shares with you an INTENSE 12 minute lower body kettlebell routine that will help you lose fat fast!

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в–є If you’re a busy dude over 30, you need a different approach to burning fat and reviving your anabolic hormones to look good, feel good, and f… good as you age. That’s why I upload new videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on this fitness channel to give you kettlebell beginner and advanced workout videos, including kettlebell fat loss routine, kettlebell training for strength, kettlebell HIIT workouts, etc. I will also share helpful tips and routines that you can do at home or in the gym using dumbbells, barbells, bands, body weight, and other strongman implements. These are designed to achieve maximum muscle development, burn fat for hours, increase core strength and ultimately help you move more explosively WITHOUT experiencing aches and pains from inflammation and overtraining. Best of all, these workouts typically only take 10 minutes or less, so you can get fast & dramatic results that help you look good naked and perform like a BEAST…without dedicating your life to fitness. Follow my videos if you want to look good, feel good, and f… good in under 10 mins a day.

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10 thoughts on “INTENSE Lower Body Kettlebell Fat-Loss Routine (Takes Just 12 Minutes!) | Chandler Marchman

  1. If you're looking for the one key to the success of these workouts…it's INTENSITY! Could your workouts use more intensity?

  2. So i started keto 4 days ago. ill start the KB routine in the morning when I get up tomorrow night. I work 3rd shift. have to do whatever i can to keep the fat loss machine going. I just found your videos, and I like the KB intensive workouts.

  3. Definitely not being nit picky. But I notice in the first round of 5 when you have the kb on your left shoulder you reverse lunge again with your right leg. I did the workout and love it! I tried both ways with the lunge. Should I be doing the lunge with kB on right shoulder and rev lunging with right leg? Or kB on right shoulder and rev lunging with left leg? I think I know what the answer is because right/right and left/left is harder that the right/left. Just wanted to clarify.

  4. that was intense has hell, I"ve already paid for Athlean X's workout plan but I substituting for these instead. Your free stuff is more fun and effective.

  5. Just did this. It felt like I was being chased by a 220 pound jaguar with a hunger for my lactic acid through an Amazon basin with a 44 pound cannonball strapped to me all the while… In other words. It was awesome. Keep it up Cap!

  6. Bro. Please tell me you are not using up a power platform and squat rack with a kettlebell routine. Hopefully there is no one waiting to lift?

  7. On day 18 of the Anabolic Reboot. Love all of this. Thanks so much. Your shirt is fantastic BTW.

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