I Quit Coffee For a Month … Here's What Happened

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WHATS GOOD YOUTUBE ?! It’s your boy Jon Mango, back with another fitness & nutrition informative video here. In today’s video, we’ve got somewhat of a different topic. I quit drinking coffee and pre workout cold turkey for over 30 days… and some amazing things happened.

I think this is a relevant topic to anyone and everyone out there, whether in the fitness industry or not. If you enjoyed it, hit the LIKe button, comment below, share with your friends and subscribe for weekly fitness content. Thanks for watching as always!!! Love u

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18 thoughts on “I Quit Coffee For a Month … Here's What Happened

  1. Update: Been 6 months since this video… have not had a sip of coffee since, and have never felt better. Wish I had done it sooner!

  2. Going on 2 months no offee and had to watch these types of videos because the sudden urge to have coffee tomorrow morning is sooooo strong 😂😂

  3. Great video man! I’ve been having stomach issues that are just getting old that I’m pretty sure would be better if I had no caffeine from coffee and pre workout, thanks for sharing you story and gives me hope!

  4. Thanks for sharing this video.I drink from 2 to 4 keurig coffee k cups a day.I have to wean off of it and either switch to decaf coffee or try black tea.I experience daily debilitating migraines headaches because of the caffeine.The caffeine is a major trigger for migraines.I work everyday sometimes at 5. Am so I’m worried 😟 because I have a one ☝️ hour commute at 5. Am.What would you say the best way to wean off coffee using the keurig machine?And how long do you think the weaning process should last?Also please tell me what you think I should drink instead?black tea green tea or chia tea and how many cups ? Thanks 😊

  5. 2 cups a day? lol thats nothing i know people who drinks 10-15 espressos per day with sugar in it, iam a heavy drinker too drinking around 4-6 espressos per day and sometimes a redbull after that.
    i've quit the pre workouts sometimes a had 6 espressos at work and then a came home and take a preworkout 2 scoops 500 mg caffeine and go to the gym.
    but iam gonna quit next week a have a week off from work gonna quit for 3 months to see the effects maybe iam never going back i wanna quit becouse my sleep is fucked up and iam heavy addicted i need my coffee right away when iam awake, don't want someting control my life and mood

  6. if anyone can't do a workout without caffeine your body is telling you to rest.

  7. It's taken me a long time to realize the obvious conclusion that the feeling of being tired means you need to sleep, not artificially stress your body into thinking otherwise.

  8. I'm glad that you talk about this I'm being off caffeine for over a year and I went exactly to that, the feeling that you can't finish you workout without the caffeine hands down the best thing you can do 😉

  9. I'm drinking 1 cup morning. I think thats OK. But i'm using pre workout with caffeine. (not every workout) Thinking about using some caffein free pre workout.

  10. I never used to drink coffee. but the past few months ive added one cup of black coffee in the morning because i read it speeds up your metabolism for fat burn. so your saying i shouldnt bother drink the one cup then?

  11. Is it strange I’m drinking a nitro cold brew from Starbucks as I watch this?

  12. What should i have at 5am before my workout son? I always have a coffee when I get up…. any suggestions?

  13. What did you guys think of this ? Would you ever give up coffee ? 👀

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