I lost 10lbs in 5 days during Quarentine! (Product review) lose weight fast! 🚫Mature content

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Contains bad language 🚫🙊

This is for entertainment purposes only!
Please ask your doctor prior if you have any health conditions. You can say it’s “unhealthy” yadayadayada… being over weight and getting diabetes is unhealthier. I feel great and it gave me an immunity boost! Highly recommend for jump starting a healthy lifestyle. (Not a forever quick fix) just sharing my journey…

I already know what some haters will say “ just exercise and eat healthy” ha! I do honey you should have seen me when I weighed 220lbs. I know all the right ways to do it, this is just an experiment so calm down. Don’t try this if it’s not for you, just expanding my YouTube that’s all 😝

Continue healthy clean eating and exercise after program for best results! Feel free to ask me any more questions!

19 thoughts on “I lost 10lbs in 5 days during Quarentine! (Product review) lose weight fast! 🚫Mature content

  1. You made me laugh! Thanks. I am doing the 7 day cleanse right now and worked out today. Feeling hungry more than usually, think its because I over did my work out. So I am glad we can eat a salad..lol. On day 4 right now! Down 5 pounds.

  2. How did you decide Raw? I'm looking at so many different juiceries but I don't know how to choose.

  3. Wow this was hard! Just completed my 5day cleanse with raw generation. . I enjoyed the experience & lost 10 lbs . I even had salads every other day (raw salad) if you have a family (husband, kids ) made it more challenging when making dinner lol. I also give it a 4.5stars. Citrus is gross she’s right!
    Overall really enjoyed it!!! 🌿

  4. I just bought mine did you gain weight back after cleanse or was it easier to keep off with the motivation of cleanse?

  5. It worked wonders on your skin. Its that natural dewy glow that is popular right now, and this gave that to you. Matcha and obviously juicing can restore this!!! So awesome!!! I have really bad dry skin in the winter and the only thing that restores my youthful dewiness is matcha. I think I might try it, just researching it first!!

  6. After the Cheetos, I was like, I am following this plan. Seriously, it was so funny and real.

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  8. Gotta try this. I’m 137 pounds right now (5’2) & I would like to get to 105 pounds ASAP. I’m feeling very fluffy hahaha 😜

  9. Love it! Starting my 7 day today! I know my mood will be vile so I’ll definitely have a small salad if I feel like slapping someone across the face.

  10. You’re soothing to watch! A little advice?? This video would have been even better if you documented more of the actual tasting of the juices and how you’re feeling and cut out a lot of the first half that didn’t need to be there. I like your vibe I’m going to check our other videos

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