I Challenged My Eating Disorder for 30 Days

“When you’re that mean to yourself the world seems a little meaner too.”

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40 thoughts on “I Challenged My Eating Disorder for 30 Days

  1. I have the same eating disorder! I honestly never knew that someone can TOTALLY understand my feelings. Every word you said was a thought of mine. It's scary how 2 people from different generations, different parts of the world can feel exactly the same. I usually eat without thinking for 2 weeks, feel guilty and ashamed, not eat anything for a week. It's a demonic circle I can't fight. Thanks for making me feel ok in my body for 10 mins!

  2. I feel so bad for you keep going. You are stronger then me.

  3. She seems so nice!! I would love to be friends with her!

  4. Every word is my truth. I hope she has found peace and love for herself. I'm sure trying.

  5. im scared i have a binge eating disorder i never thought i couldve had it because i didnt starve myself or throw up. does anyone know the 'symptoms' of a binge eating disorder because im starting to get worried.

  6. Leave the animals alone. #govegan stop the murder, stop the torture, save the animals, save the planet. animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way. get educated on the horrors you choose to silence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqrafjyesko

    It's not JUST about the food you eat as a vegan, it's also about equality, saving the animals, and saving the planet.

  7. This is hard for me to watch. But I feel like this video is for me. I always denied having an eating disorder, but now it’s in front of my eyes. I’m going to start this journey now.

  8. I don't know about you guys, but in my country (and I'm from Serbia) no one (literally not even doctors nor psychiatrists) takes this disorder seriously, if it's not anorexia or bulimia it doesn't get treated, my family says that's just how we are, and here I am, CRYING out for help because I'm only 19 and I just can't control the f***ing impulse, I gained so much weight over a few years, I developed some health issues bincluding insuline resistance and even though I am surrounded with amazing anc caring people, I've been to few different experts in mental health and nutrition and I still feel that no one takes that condition seriously, and I'm struggling really hard to deal with it on my own and "cold turkey".. literally trying to just "snap out of it" like it isn't a legit mental disorder.. I feel so exhausted and discouraged, I am strong tho and I will keep fighting to be healthy and to give my body the best possible treatment (care) and love but it's just so hard sometimes.. and it's so easy to go through downward spiral when you start feeling hopeless.. I just think about all the things I am not doing because of my weight and secretive habits I'm ashamed about.. I literally had such an amazing and handsome (he is a fitness freak basically) boyfriend that I ran away from because I struggled too hard with my disorder and felt unworthy of him or any affection/pleasure until I am "healthy" and "fit"… And I really try hard to love myself properly, I do but I still shame myself for everything that I am.

    If you read everything I wrote thank you for devoting time end energy to do so, I really appreciate that ❤️ and If you struggle too just know that it is okay that you are, it is okay if you have a problem, there's nothing in this world that is unsolvable, this disorder usually stems from lacking the ability to control the impulses (on a deeper psychological level) and that's amazing thing to know because there is always cure for that, and everything that we can dig deeply and find propper cause therefore cure as well.. I hope everyone find their best approach to dealing with such complex problem, you don't need to relay 100% on conventional medicine, there are many different approaches including more holistic ones (which concider your feelings, thoughts, traumas, how it corresponds with other organs etc.), maybe even alternative ones.. you do you and stay strong 😁❤️

  9. Having an eating disorder is really harder when you have people around you that would always criticize your body no matter what your size is and not being able to reach out to anyone. I've been shamed when i was chubby, and now that I'm slightly thin they tell me that i look like a junkie. Its very discouraging that I'm with this kind of people in my life

  10. Bro here i am at 14 and 300lbs listening to this ladys problems and think that mine go hand in hand…. then I realize that I need to stop this…. I'm normally the guy that tries to act tough and act like nothings going on with me but I got the same stuff happening… good luck hope all is well

  11. Thank you for making this video I can tell it was super hard I have trouble with self worth as well but my thing is booze. I hope to follow your example of being more mindful and hope to pass that on to my 2 daughters. Thanks again keep up the good work 😀

  12. I can't express how genuine it can be when i spent over a decade self hating myself for not looking in a certain way , my experience was 90% similar to you , my grieve developed to lack of confidence , i was yesterday walking my way home and having deep thoughts ,the usual,and like always i was insecure about my body image if there is girls passing by i start trying to hide myself and not help but have quick glances feeling q sudden mountain on me ,and if i crossed some boys all what i am thinking about is the disgusted look , i don't want you ,myself to have all that self hate just for yourself , i only want you to feel okey.. , to smile big when you see your reflection , to take pictures on public, to say that you look pretty and to believe it , to live the moments you have because you mostly wasted enough , i need you myself the most and i wish that i can make me happier even for a little more . thank you for making me realise that i am not alone in this .

  13. It took me forever to figure out i might have bipolar/depression because my school kept saying "take her to a mental hospital" and mom kept saying "You're spoiled." 🙁

  14. Thank you for sharing what you’re going through💕 I hope you know how many people you’re helping. You’re an amazing person and I hope you’re better❤️

  15. I have binge eating disorder too as well and it is hard. I got diagnosed last year even though I kinda knew on my own and I still struggle with it to this day. Specially when it comes to dieting and I started starving myself and lost 70lbs with in two to three months. I even started checking the scales everyday last year but now I gain all my weight back and I made a promise to myself that I won't do it no more. I been trying and thinking of a way to do it but of course in a healthy way.

  16. You are my Hero of the day. Thank you so much for your honesty. I now want to know more about this. Maybe is this the thing what I am struggling with all the time~

  17. i wake up everyday excited just because i finally can eat after my fast, after all the hunger that i hold, but after that i just feel empty

  18. That was amazing, you are amazing! Thank you for sharing your story with us

  19. ❤ Kate. She's one of the sweetest, funniest people at Buzzfeed. And my favorite episodes of Puppet History on Watcher are with her. Keep on killing it!

  20. This is one of the best videos I have seen on bulimia. Light hearted, yet heart felt. Kate, great job in relaying your emotions and thoughts. Thank you.

  21. Thank you so much for this video, I have had anorexia for 6 years as well as bpd and this video always inspires me to try fight back against these illnesses. I would love to meet this woman I think she’s such a positive person to be around

  22. This video was posted two years ago (well…two years and two months ago) and yet it still managed to be relevant in my life. Thank you for posting this. I cried a lot but I also felt seen.

  23. I found CBT and CAT really helpful to sort of… Rewire my thought processes. Writing it all down and working through it was really helpful. ♥️

  24. Does someone count days without binging?

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