HOW I LOST 17 KG:TIPS FOR LOOSING WEIGHT FAST WITHOUT EXERCISE #beforeandafter #weightlosstransform

Hey guys.Welcome back to my YouTube channel.Today am going to teach you about my weightloss journey.What have been eating for the past 3 months to shed 17kgs.
First thing early in the morning as you wake up you need to drink hot lemon water .Then during the day make sure you drink a lot of water too because water helps shed weight too.
At around 3/4/5 pm you can now start preparing your supper.I do eat salad with egg or meat.No carbohydrates should be taken in the evening.
Please don’t mind me not using gloves because like I said it’s just my own meal.
At around 8pm I will eat some peanuts and tea without milk.or you can also drink hot lemon water.

#weightloss #weightlossjourney #howtolooseweightfastwithoutdieting

Have been doing that and it has really helped me
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  1. Hahahahahahahaha…sitasema kenye nacheka hapa…ntasema kwa simu..story of my life…waaaa…The salad looks yummy….its also healthy.

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