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1 cup water (240 mL)
1 cup Greek yogurt (130 g)
1 cup frozen strawberries (140 g)
1 tbsp. peanut butter (15 g)
2 tbsp. baking cocoa (10 g)
1 tbsp. sweetener

295 calories
9g fat
32g carbs
29g protein

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  1. Whey protein causes me major gastric issues as so many others have had… too many unnatural ingredients in them… I would prefer to take bcaa tablets and find an alternative to whey look a couple scoops of hemp seeds mixed with almond milk and other ingredients to reach 20grams of protein

  2. This is probably healthier than the powder, but in the UK it's possibly more expensive. When you weigh up the cost of the unsweetened baking cocoa, and Greek yogurt (not Greek style) it's cheaper to buy the powder.

  3. Carbs 32g, protein 29g, yet it's called a protein shake?! Carb shake more like it…

  4. Thankfully I do me this video cause I have been trying a month explaining to my mother that protein powder is not steroids

  5. Where did you get this greek yogurt with 30grams of protein for 130 grams man I live in Greece and max for 200g of a Greek original yogurt there's roughly 20grams of protein

  6. Not to hate but this is absolutely fake about the nutrition. It has 18 grams of protein at best. While your daily dose from 1 serving has to be around 28-30 grams.

  7. 2021 january Turkey/istanbul Weider Premium Whey Protein powder 2300 Gr 75$ US Dollar. Minimum sallary 380$ still no job, no money thanks to fucking Corona time to search youtube homemade protein powder

  8. Ice cubes,
    And 1 cup each of:
    More water
    frozen strawberries
    Greek Yoghurt

    1 tablespoon of peanut butter, or almond butter if you're alllergic like me

  9. I'd suggest to use more strawberries oresser peanut butter. Mine doesnt taste bad but the saltiness of my peanut butter gets a little jarring in this sweet shake 😭😂tastes decent tho

  10. If I omit the peanut butter and sweetener, how many grams of protein and sugar? Thanks.

  11. Whey protein gives me gas.. That's my issue with it.

  12. what can we substitute the peanut butter and hersheys chocolate because i'm in quarantine and i don't like peanut butter…

  13. I wants try protein powder but heard they ain’t actually good for you but I’ll definitely try this recipe

  14. This is why, like Rich piana always said, I stay away from protein powder and real food. Real food is always better, Greek yogurt is a far better option. Scooby criticized me when I said peanut butter is a better alternative but his argument made the assumption I’m a vegan, which I am not, and he completely took my comment out of context….. what I mean to say is most whey protein powders have many crappy chemicals and are unhealthy.

  15. To be fair, if you're young enough that your parents still have a say in what you eat, you don't need protein powder. Teens and guys in their early 20's have so much testosterone flowing through their bodies that it's literally like you're on steroids anyway. Just eat whole foods. You don't need a weight gainer, you need to go to the gym – build up a beast of an appetite and stuff food in your face. If you need to eat 8 small meals a day because you're a smaller dude then that's what you have to do.

  16. Thank you I'm allergic to soy and all protein powders have soy even the one that say "No Soy" still has soy 🙄 so thank you !!

  17. Yup my mom actually wont let me buy it

  18. The protein powder I used to buy is not recommended for pregnant women ( it is the Biotech USA beef protein powder) Thank you for the recipe. It could work with bananas too !

  19. Greek youghurt only contain 5g protein per 100g, how's 130g going to be equal 24g of whey protein?

  20. For my products
    I have milk which is 8g, or protein and peanut butter with 7g, and plus the Greek yogurt it adds 20, so in all for me I get about 35+ protein out of it honestly

  21. parents holding back my gains cant buy protien powder stupid health articles saying teens shouldnt use proiten powder

  22. I followed the recipe but Instead of water I added skimmed milk, and frozen cherrys instead of strawberrys. Trust me guys, it has an amazing taste!

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