Dietitian Reviews Dr. Dray Problematic What I Eat in a Day (WARNING: THIS MAY BE TRIGGERING!)

Hi everyone, welcome to Abbey’s Kitchen! In another edition of What I Eat in a Day YouTuber Reviews, I will be reviewing Dermatologist Dr. Dray. As per our new format for our What I Eat in a Day reviews, we will be looking at a few of Dr. Dray’s videos to get a more rounded sense of her eating patterns.

A reminder that everything in this video is for entertainment purposes only and you should always seek the advice of a health care provider for your unique case.

TW: Today’s videos are particularly triggering for any of my followers who are currently or have previously struggled with disordered eating.

So let’s meet Dr. Dray!

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Contribution by: Sofia Tsalamlal RD

26 thoughts on “Dietitian Reviews Dr. Dray Problematic What I Eat in a Day (WARNING: THIS MAY BE TRIGGERING!)

  1. I have not seen many of your videos. I do not know what you eat. I did see you swearing a lot and calling Freelee crazy and anorexic but then here you are using the word anorexia with Dr. Dray and talking about having kindness and compassion in our comments. Seems phony and manipulative.

  2. I watch some of Dr. Dray's videos, though I find them to be very long and a bit boring, she does offer some good information. But, I often wondered by she didn't necessarily look healthy (yellowing around the mouth and a bit gaunt looking). I guess if I really liked her I probably would have looked more into it. Now I know why that is.

  3. she's very, very thin yet drinks diet soda – do the math….

  4. What is the point of discussing Dr. Dray's diet? Especially being so public about it. What Dr. Dray does or does not do is her business and her's alone. This is so close to gossip. So glad I don't see Dr. Dray doing these things.

  5. I don’t appreciate the content of this video, Dr. Dre made it very clear that this is her personal choice in eating. She is not advocating for any specific diet. Please don’t disrespect the doctor.

  6. It’s odd that she doesn’t really eat fats. They transport the vitamins from the veg into the cells, so it kind of defeats the purpose of eating them.

  7. She doesn’t allow herself anything she enjoys. Such a hallmark of a serious eating disorder. Even when I was at my worst I still snuck 3 m&ms a day ya know? She doesn’t even use salad dressing.I hope she gets some help and finds some joy in food.

    I think the two dinner servings were for show. I highly doubt they eats that much in a week. Makes me really sad. I hope she gets some help 💕

  8. I was vegan for two years. I hate nutritional yeast, chia seeds, tempeh.. it was the worst dietary change. Everything Is a four hour prep cook time, tasted awful, and I could never poop, was always sick. I watch vegans cook and I’m like oh you must not work! Or have kids! Or do ANYTHING BUT COOK ALL DAY 😂😂👎🏿

    I could have bought a car with the amount of money she’s spending on each one of those meals….

    Glad I found your Channel. You’re the right kind of snarky and smart 💕

  9. I loved Dr. Dray’s skincare content but you are completely correct, this video was triggering. And I’m not only deeply concerned for her, but for her young followers. She’s really providing a step by step instruction manual for how to have disordered eating patterns. I’m a vegan as well and my day to day eating looks NOTHING like hers, which is fine! We’re all different. But you are right, she severely needs protein and fats.

  10. Wow I was waiting for someone to point this out years ago….I thought I was crazy when I would see dr dray obviously anorexic and yet no-one pointed it out

  11. Dr. Dray is a vegan. She is also a former ballerina and naturally a small person. Her diet is going to be different than the average carnivore and usually much healthier. I do take exception to a dietitian being snide and condescending because there are "different strokes for different folks". She's sensing things without knowing for sure what is true or not. This really worries me as to wether this "dietitian" would be my first choice for information on health.

  12. Martha (Stewart), you criticize everyone's diet and you yourself do not look like the best example of healthy let alone fit. You promote "intuitive" which is basically "accept getting fat" eating which teaches nothing about self accountability and all about "feelings". Greg doucette put you in your place and you couldn't handle it. You are not for helping women. You are for victimizing them and making them believe that it's ok to eat crap.

  13. I don't get why she gave us a warning in the title that this may be triggering…? Can someone explain? (No hate, i'm just curious and i'm dumb so don't mind me :))

  14. Dr Dray is a very kind down to earth person.She never said she was a nutritional expert.You are only making this video to get her followers to watch your u tube.You are a really mean person to criticize another u tuberer.Im sure she would never do something mean like this to you or anybody else.Dr Dray has a really bright heart. but your heart must be dark because you do mean things like this.

  15. I watch Dr. Drays videos sometimes. I think she is a good person and has amazing skin almost coming out of the womb skin.

  16. Abbey, I know nothing of Dr Drey, but I am familiar with the diet she is eating, it's called a whole foods plant based diet and some of the people promoting this diet do believe that oils are processed foods and your oils should come from the whole food that is its source. The hard science supporting this way of eating is ponderous and overwhelming. Maybe as you say you see warning signs, but maybe it's your stuff. You commend Dr Drew for stating this is what she eats but she is not an expert, well I didn't see you claiming to be a psychologist. When the only tool you have is a hammer………………….

  17. Any oil and salt. That food must be bland and disgusting. I suppose some people just don't have sensitive taste buds and eat everything and think it's delicious.

  18. Get a life!! So sad to see a woman attack another.

  19. Dr dray is made to bank off of dr dray. Shame shame shame on YOU!!!

  20. If you guys are struggling with ED then my biggest advice would be to start with mental health and not try to follow a lot of the "dietitian" advice a.k.a. eat heathy and you won't feel hungry, that wasted so much of my time without actually curing it. EDd stem from obsessing and controlling so deal with that first by stopping caring about those things, that's how i got rid of my persistent ED

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