#DefiSummer: Designing Tokenomics

As part of our #DefiSummer hackathon, Roshaan and Johnathan teach us about crypto tokenomics and looked at the tokenomics of the U.S Dollar, PlutoPepe, & DevXDao as an example as well as answered some of our questions.

DefiSummer Resources

DeFiSummer Devpost
DeFiSummer Discord
DeFiSummer Twitter
DefiSummer Reddit
DefiSummer Schedule
Stellar Prize Track ($3000 in $XLM)
Enzyme Protocol Automation for Funds ($4000 in $MLN)
Idle – Protocol/Strategy Integration ($2000 in $IDLE)
Idle – Open Track ($2000 in $IDLE)
PlutoPepe Choose Your Own Adventure Governance ($1000 in $PLUTO)
PlutoPepe Smart Contract Game ($1000 in $PLUTO)
PlutoPepe NFT Meme Marketplace ($1000 in $PLUTO)
Minority Programmers Learning Incentivization (MPA Blockchain Engineering Internship)
Blockchain Consultancy (Blockchain Consultancy Internship x2 /Echelon Digital Consulting & Minority Programmers Association/

Minority Programmers Association is an international network of developers’ unifying together to build socially impactful solutions and spread STEM education to marginalized communities

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