48 thoughts on “Crazy 90 Day Transformation Diet What I Eat In A Day!

  1. if you a basketball fan, you can go park and get some practice in, you end up hitting like 10KM easy on a good day and lose a good amount of weight. May not be the same for erybody but its making a difference for me.

  2. how the fuck did my man lose weight with this diet this is what i eat in a day and is why im fat

  3. i would eat healthy for the rest of my life , i'm not against that , but i dont have much money to get good food

  4. The app you used to count your daily calorie intake, what's it called? Or what should I type into google to find it?

  5. can a 14year also eat this dieet i am 170 cm weigh 72kg i am muscilar build i run 8km box on high level en do 100 pushups and 100 situps and 100 pull upps love your videos btw

  6. 6:23
    You said boxing training, so I'm expecting your boy to hold up pads and bust them down.
    Bruh that boy James was serving you 3 pieces with the biscuits on the side.
    Bruh that last shot had you out cold before you dropped.

  7. Oh shit my boy what Greg doucette don't you

  8. You gotta check out Greg Doucette’s YouTube videos bro!! Trust! 🔥

  9. Reportin in from Florida here in the States, I just started my journey of weight loss recently. I really appreciate this insight! Wicked stuff

    Also, what song is that in the beginning? It's fire

  10. If I could recommend a meal planner for beginners, that would definitely be Dietarize. If only I'd used it earlier, I would have saved so much time and money.

  11. I rate the energy in these videos and the quality of them. keep it up ski🤟🏿

  12. When are you going to drop the workout video please do it soon

  13. Lets see how my 90 day transformatiom goes my pfp was 90 days of workin out when i was 13 im 15 now been big slackin

  14. big man ting can i dm u on insta regarding your work outs n stuffs

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