Complete English Series Vocabulary Words Video Lesson 8

*Hello everyone*

Here is the *8th* vocabulary lesson in the newest series. This series is all about a Complete English Education.

This video will introduce you to *20 new vocabulary words* and their definitions. We will learn how to use these vocabulary words in sentences. We will also practice them with pictures. At the end of the lesson we will take a short quiz to practice the words and make sure you know them we. Always remember to write everything in your notebook.

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3 thoughts on “Complete English Series Vocabulary Words Video Lesson 8

  1.  Accept—She accepted my marriage proposal yesterday; I am so excited.
     Necessary— Education is necessary to be successful in any field.
     Huge—He has a huge fan following, as a singer he is successful.
     Theory— Only having a theory about something won’t work, sometimes doing things practical teach you more than that.

     Arrange—He arranged an ambulance when he saw an incident on the road.
     Pattern—I look for patterns or textures around me when I go for photography in the streets.
     Hang—Hang on! He said, “he is calling her mom for confirmation.”
     Tear—When she received her gift, she tore off the wrapper around it in excitement.

     Attend—Thank you so much for coming to Ana at my wedding, I thought you would not attend my wedding.
     Propose—His proposal for this property isn’t good enough, I will wait for another client.
     Grab—When she was late for the office, she grabbed her sandwich and ate it on the go.
     Success—When working hard for something, success will surely come to you what you’re working for.

     Balance— We should have a balanced meal thorough out the day to maintain nutritional levels.
     Purpose—What is his purpose to visit our neighborhood?
     Familiar—Looks like you have been there before because you’re quite familiar with the roads of this area.
     Single—She raised her kids so well; despite the fact she is a single mom.

     Contrast—This dress looks more pretty in the contrast of those two.
     Release—Having a cup of green tea after work release all the stress from the body.
     Encourage—When John fall on the field while playing his teammate encouraged him to continue the game.
     Require—Getting a big success in the business required a lot of hard work.

  2. Hi !! this lesson was very useful.Honestly I only knew 3 or 4 of this 20 words. Thanks for everything you are doing to help us learning English. Byebyee

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