Cardio Workout & HIIT Workout (Burn Fat Calories)

Cardio Workout & HIIT Workout (Burn Fat Calories). Workout to summer body:
0:00 Jumping Jack
0:32 Plank to Toe Tap
1:05 Jogging in place
1:34 Mountain Climber
2:06 Ski Jumps
2:43 Seated In Out Leg Raise on Floor
3:09 Burpee Cardio
3:43 Jump Rope
4:09 Bicycle Crunches
4:43 Plyometrics Jump
5:17 Reverse Crunch
5:43 Squat Jump
6:12 Russian Twist


Music by Bazanji
Bazanji – Fed Up Pt. 3
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  5. I practice martial arts and some of this cardio we do it as well

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