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Are you looking at your belly and asking yourself: ”Can You lose belly fat over the age of 50? or do I just need to accept my belly fat” 😭

😒 If yes then lucky for you because, in this Boomer Fitness Video, we will tackle how to lose belly fat for people over 50.

Once you reach a certain age the body will tend to have a slower metabolism and therefore making gaining fat easier with each year that passes. Just because you can’t have a metabolism if a 20-year old, doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to stop yourself from gaining body fat on your belly.

Take the time to watch these simple but effective ways you can use today to start losing your belly fat as a person over 50.

βœ… We will tackle more specifically:
– What does your body need to be in, to lose stubborn belly fat?
– What is BMR and how it can help you reach your goal
– What is the specific number of calories do I need to eat to lose weight?
– Realistically speaking. How many pounds can I lose in a week
– How do I lose 1 pound per week?
– The best type of physical activity that you can do today to start losing weight
– As a Person over 50, what do I need to lose as much weight as possible or build more muscle mass?
– How many times a week do I need to work out to build muscle?
– How long do I need to rest for proper recovery and fat loss?
– What type of intense exercise can a person over 50 do?
– What is a Plateau and what you can do to overcome it?
– Why tracking your progress is very important
– The most overlooked factor in losing forever belly fat over age 50


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Straight from Boomer Fitness located in Vancouver, WA, this fitness workout is IDEAL for men & women over the age of 40!

Come join fitness expert, Brian Stecker as he shows you the best fitness workout that he gives his clients, both men & women over the age of 40!

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2 thoughts on “Can You Lose BELLY FAT Over Age 50? | Boomer Fitness

  1. Dude. I used an online calculator to figure my bmr ( 60 yrs old, 5ft 3", 174lbs) my daily cal was at 1432. To have a 500 cal deficit I'd be at 932 cal a day. Is that even healthy? Shouldn't the min a day a person have be 1200? I do crossfit 3 to 4 days a week.

  2. Over 50 huh ? That's too close to being put in a home , just let it go and enjoy life.πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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