Body Transformation In 60 Days With Progress Photos

You guys asked for it! Here are some photos of my body transformation in just under 60 days!


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17 thoughts on “Body Transformation In 60 Days With Progress Photos

  1. What was your body fat percentage in the first pic?
    Great video btw 👍🏻

  2. Great editing and music choice Alex. And also, what a transformation, in only 60 days!? :0

  3. Hey dude, what was your calorie goal for this? Like, how much above or below TDEE were you for the duration?

  4. Amazing results brother! I stumbled upon this channel from my home page, absolutely love following smaller channels that are awesome and real! So another sub coming your way bro!

  5. nice video, I recorded my transformation aswell but I only did 8 months

  6. wow that song you used is pretty fire!!! your transformation is pretty fire too but not as much as the song unfortunately

  7. Im kinda inspired by your vids, youve got a new sub! I recently hopped on nSuns and Im unsure what I think of it because I feel like Im not training hard enough…

  8. How much did your strength go down? Also is that a mid fade?

  9. Do you have some numbers along with the progress as well?
    My progress with nsuns looks fairly similar i did not cut in the time period though

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