BEST Natural Supplements for Menopause (YOUR favorites for Weight Gain, Energy, Hot Flashes)

Sharing some natural remedies for common menopause related issues! Thank you so much for watching. Your support means the world to me! ~Erin xo


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Problem #1 | Weight Gain | 02:40
Apple Cider Vinegar, $3 |
Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, $19 |

Problem #2 | Fatigue | 06:19
Vitamin B Complex, $17 |

Problem #3 | Hair | 06:35
Biotin, $9 |
Collagen, $14 |
Collagen Powder, $26 |
Collagen Powder I Use, $40 |
Collagen Capsules, $23 |
Jojoba Oil, $8 |
Natrafol, $88 |

Problem #4 | Hot Flashes 07:11
Evening Primrose Supplement, $17 |
Black Cohosh, $10 |
Sage, $15 |
Thistle, $13 |
Ground Flaxseed, $12 |
Omega 3, $21 |
Soy Capsules, $24 |
Fenugreek, $15 |

Problem #5 | Digestion | 08:00
Kombucha, $4 |

Problem #6 | Sleeping | 08:17
Magnesium, $9 |
Black Cherry, $10 |

Problem #8 | Natural Estrogen | 08:37
Wild Yam Cream, $10 |
Maca, $13|

Problem #9 | Inflammation | 09:22
Dandelion Root, $40 |
Sage, $15 |

Problem #10 | Vaginal Dryness/Wellness | 10:07
Soy, $15 |
Black Cohosh, $10 |
Coconut Oil, $12 |
Evening Primrose Supplement, $17 |
Wild Yam Cream, $10 |

What I’m Doing | 12:14




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36 thoughts on “BEST Natural Supplements for Menopause (YOUR favorites for Weight Gain, Energy, Hot Flashes)

  1. Weight Watchers is the answer? lmao! No. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is!

  2. Fire and kettle bone broth is excellent for collagen. B vitamins are not created equal. Food based supplements are much more absorbable and effective than synthetic supplements.

  3. What about headaches and migraine? Thats a big one for me.

  4. We have to help ourselves, it reminds me of puberty. No one helping then either! I'm looking at a naturopath, and mental health nurse. ???????????????вњЁвњЁвњЁвњЁ????

  5. I am just right here …in this moment when I have to re figure my exercise routine and my diet…completely get it ??

  6. Estradiol may increase your risk of developing a condition that may lead to uterine cancer. Report any unusual vaginal bleeding right away. Using this medicine can increase your risk of blood clots, stroke, heart attack, or cancer of the breast, uterus, or ovaries.

  7. Thank you for the great information! Also, please share where you purchased your blouse.

  8. Eat a lot of yogurt for dryness 1year in it really works!

  9. Thank you for the lovely presentation.
    I have been using an amazing food supplements for my menopausal symptoms and I am looking and feeling great.
    They are plant based products that have all the vitamins , nutrients and minerals needed to prevent hormonal imbalances.

  10. Miss Erin…..I have given up quite a few things as far as food , … But I do want to and tell women here that there is an Enzyme in red meat and when you give up red meat your losing that Enzyme and it's something specific that women need in their diet and in their body, this was explained to me by heart specialist many many years ago and he said as long as your eating lean red meat, you need that enzyme whether your menopausal or not he said it is only found in red meat, it cannot be reproduced in any other form and women who go without it will suffer from sagging skin and things like that, so that is the one thing that I will not give up is red meat…..I Also love my cheese so no I am not giving that up either lol I do a lot of healthy eating I do shrimp fish a lot of greens a lot of you know veggies things like that I don't eat a lot of ice cream, I don't eat a lot of candy, although I love chocolate so that's kinda limited to the you know 70 to 72% dark chocolate cacao because …. According to my late Grandmother , I've been eating chocolate since I could chew, lol. I just a more about having a balance because I think there's a balance to be had ….I mean I'm going to be 67 this year and I feel pretty good considering I take no prescription medications I've been doing supplementssince 2005, …Omegas, VitaminD 3, Collagen, AlphaLipocuc Acid, B12, B1 , and a few others. …I exercise, love to go walking, I still roller skate, I still do workout stuff , ….so I feel pretty fortunate. Great topic and really good Information you shared, thank you !
    ( PS….I guess I've been fortunate because I didn't even hit menopause till age 59 and I've never had hot flashes, I did not have a lot of symptoms so I guess if I went through it was kind of fleeting , lol.)

  11. It's still shock me just how many people have no idea about Custokebon Secrets even though lots of people with it. Thanks to my friend who told me about it. I have lost lots of weight.

  12. Hi, just to flag this up from a safety point for anyone that's not aware, black cohosh is only safe to take in short bursts as I believe it can cause liver damage long term. I'm taking some of these already such as maca, but I'm definitely going to add some of the supplements you've mentioned, thank you.

  13. Dandelion (and oxalates) blocks iron absorption. Take your bovine iron pill at least 4 apart from dandelion/kale/spinach/coffee

  14. I have been losing more weight now that i am menaupausal..its weird. I dont want to lose any more weight. I am only 115 pds. The night sweats are the problem i have

  15. Estradiol suppositories help along with menopausal cream that contains progesterone and estrogen. Watch Barbara Huffman.

  16. sorry this is my second comment i found too……….eat less and move around more like exercise gardening swimming going to dance classes or walking you will have better sleeps too

  17. i gave up bread sugar any food thats laden with sugar i started fasting 17 hr window as its called im 58 woman menopausal i dont get hot flushes mood swings my weight is dropping i exercise 4 days a week eat healthy thats how i beat my menopause so ladies if u want to give it a try it took me 3 wks to get into the swing of it you do stop craving food an being hungry i thought it wouldnt work but it does so if all else fails wich is what i went through try fasting hope this helps ladies God bless xox

  18. Thank you for putting this together. Does anyone have trouble with anxiety? I have always been very outgoing and social, but I am feeling so anxious or like panic attack. And my eyes are very sensitive to sunlight all of a sudden. My vision is perfect though. Thanks

  19. Hi, I have thyroid issues as well and it can be really hard to find healing, but like you all my weight issues resolved with paleo. Now I'm dealing with menopause! Thanks for the informative video, its helping me to work out whats next. I'm on a plethora of supplements too. 🙂

  20. Adore you and your channel. I have found v-steaming to help with vaginal health. Traditional herbs such as rosemary, lavender, oregano, basil, marigold, raspberry leaf, rose petals, and chamomile can help with vaginal dryness and overall health. Yoni steam is so relaxing and nourishing for the body, mind and spirit. ??

  21. Thank you SO SO much for this video and the last one about your meno experience. I felt SO along in this till now. bless you for sharing something so personal – it REALLY helps вќ¤пёЏ?

  22. I dont know how Ive made it from starting menopause at 38 to being 43 and still feel like it's survival mode. One question, when you mentioned no sugar/ carbs , are you also meaning fruit????

  23. This was a great video! I went into surgically induced menopause at 42. Huge bummer. I felt like I'd been hit by a train until I figured out a good supplement regimen. My OB Gyn was zero help. I wanted to point out two quick things here. Matcha and Maca are two totally different things. Matcha (which is what is pictured here) is green tea. Maca is Peruvian ginseng and is brown. Also, be careful with Black Cohosh. It can cause liver damage. Also, Pycnogenol is a wonderful supplement for brain fog!

  24. When I do keto, I stopped using gummy vitamins and supplements. Too many carbs!!!
    There is dandelion tea and I love it!!! Dandelion leaves are good for a diuretic. The roots are good for the immune system. I like the roots because that tea tastes better. 😉

  25. My mood swings are so bad right now, anxiety is killing me. I’m a chill person, grandma, wife, mother……..right now I don’t like anyone………

  26. Dr Barbara Taylor aka Menopause Barbie is a menopause specialist watch her YouTube videos also Dr Connie Newson is a UK based menopause specialist who has some amazing YouTube videos and podcasts

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