B12 weight loss/ Taking phentermine? /WATCH THIS /Lost 7 pounds a week

Anwsering a viewers question in detail. B12 Is AMAZING.

27 thoughts on “B12 weight loss/ Taking phentermine? /WATCH THIS /Lost 7 pounds a week

  1. Same thing here. I can sleep through it. I got the B 12 too. Still no energy.

  2. Phentrimine does the same thing to me.. sound asleep. I definitely don't have ADHD, lmao… I've tried off and on for a few years and sadly never does anything for me. I'm finally going to take start the B-12 shots tomorrow! So, fingers crossed cause while I don't care about being the fat girl I care about my health and at 32 it's starting to affect me in ways it didn't use to. I hope you got down to where you wanted.

  3. Love your video and personality im on both too Phentermine and b12 journey hope we can chat for more insight

  4. My blood Dr put me on b12 injection and the vitamin pills something I feel alot better more energy and not tired

  5. Hi am in Cameroon, bamenda to be precise any idea of where u get B12 injection?

  6. Wow $50!! That’s such a great price! I have to pay $190 and that’s including the B12 shot

  7. The most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my whole life! You are soooo dreamy 😍

  8. My body is reacting the same started last Wednesday but got pills Tuesday and lost 8 pounds so Far , thanks to my job I walk a lot for 9 hours + a day

  9. Thank you for this information, I'm on Phentermine now and it gives me some energy but it makes me so sleepy. Hopefully the B12 will help

  10. My physician put me on phentermine for 6 weeks.. she said I should take it and then take a week to 2 week off peiod so my body can rest.. has anyone else's Dr told them this? I totally trust her and she said it was to get the best results.. just curious.. u results are great

  11. I just started the pill this past Saturday (8/5) had my shots the day before , Jumped on the scale Sunday Morning and I was in shock !! The Scale said 197 !! I was 204 Friday at my appt. I honestly never thought i would get out of the 200's after having 2 babies basically back to back . Thank you for all ur helpful videos !!

  12. Hahaha i just watched this video again and realized that you didn't finish your thought about the sublingual facts ha u know before u had to pause…

  13. Thank you so much for sharing your videos!  I am currently waiting on an appointment to see my Dr. for a script of Adipex. My appointment is a month plus away! :- (  That is the soonest I could get in and I have been so discouraged until I stumbled across your videos!  Thank you so much for the idea of Vit B12 Sublingual.  I started yesterday with the Natures Bounty B-12 2500mcg.  WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE! You were so right.  My mood was instantly changed to positive! My binge eating has ceased.  After my first dose yesterday I went to eat turkey slices and spit them out.  I didn't eat hardly all day yesterday and today have been on track as far as eating healthy and controllably.   I cannot express enough how thankful I am!  This B-12 Sublingual thing works!!!  I can't wait to start my adipex either, but this will help me until then and I will continue it after as well.

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