3 Tummy-Tightening Treatments — The Doctors

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Triplets Erica, Nicole and Jaclyn undergo three, non-invasive tummy-tightening procedures.

35 thoughts on “3 Tummy-Tightening Treatments — The Doctors

  1. At least bring some women who have the actual skin problems. What’s the point of their skin looks normal.

  2. I’m cool with no belly button and tats once all the weight is gone. And electrolysis in many zones not all.

  3. What’s the point of them showing us this if there not doing it on women who actually have loose skin. These woman have flat stomachs! This was stupid!

  4. Is this a joke? 😂This gotta be a joke.🤣I'm searching for real issues. 😊Why trick people to click on the video when these 3 young ladies tummy's looks pretty nice already. 😍If there was a before & after I would probably believe it. 🤔I'll keep 👀 looking. Thanks for the 3 methods.

  5. You'd be disappointed to be the twin who gets clay! I def think the Co2 will work on tightening tummy skin, although having a candidate that just had a baby is not ideal because that skin is going to contract naturally. You need people who haven't had a baby recently with skin laxity for the before and after to make sense.

  6. These show are b.s and stupid why not put a women of different race in there? These doctors are stupid this show is garbage

  7. this treatment is probably not meant for overweight people ,it's only for that little bit of tummy flab caused by minor water retention

  8. Why don't you show the ending of the program? All the videos are cut off before the end.

  9. Yeah I have 3 kids and my tummy skin isn’t horrible but it’s obvious I have kids cause the skin around my belly bottom. They should have used real ass ppl

  10. How many times can you do the wrap before your belly goes down…and will that work for the skin under the arms..

  11. My stomach still does look look like theirs at 6 weeks lol and I had my baby 9 months ago I AM THE IDEAL CANDIDATE!!!

  12. Very unrealistic. They all look like they went to the same plastic surgeon for their botox and lipo.
    No loose skin. Zero body fat. 👎 get real women. Not barbie dolls.

  13. Please tell me how these women where great Candidates? Their tummies to me looked pretty amazing before. I had twins went 40 weeks. My tummy looks like a Prune! I have waisted so much energy, time and money to try and at least make my tummy look better and nothing has worked. I'm too scared to get surgery. With twin boys who are 6 and very active I dont have time for recovery bc I'm basically doing it alone. My confidence is gone and I struggle daily. I love my boys and I'm so glad they are healthy and i wouldn't trade it for the world. Working out hasn't worked either. Just wished I could at least improve it.

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